Guide Baldur’s Gate 3 – how to become a perfect thief

Guide Baldurs Gate 3 how to become a perfect Guide Baldur's Gate 3 - how to become a perfect thief

Contrary to popular belief, becoming the most skilled pickpocket the Sword Coast has ever seen in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t just about choosing the Rogue class. In fact, to achieve this goal, you will need to learn a lot.

Very valuable things can sometimes be found in the pockets of enemies and ordinary passers-by, and thanks to the fact that the stealth system was completely redesigned in the third part, you can experience a completely new experience of passing through Baldur’s Gate, getting what you want not with strength or eloquence, but thanks to your stealth and manual dexterity.

When you enter stealth mode in Baldur’s Gate 3, your hero can stealthily steal from those around you. As long as you stay out of their red line of sight, you can try to pickpocket.

Stealing is one of the best ways to earn extra money without getting blood on your hands. You can even pull off this trick with the most formidable enemies if you prepare properly. Since you are entrusted with an archival mission, it is obvious that you need all these things more than their owners, so roll up your sleeves, stock up on master keys and enjoy your huge fortune obtained by dishonest means.

Which race is the best for stealing in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To become a master of stealing, you need to make the right choice from the very beginning. Each race and subrace has certain bonuses that can give you an advantage in this difficult task. Here are the varieties of local creatures that naturally have a natural attraction to the art of theft:

  • high elf
  • Forest Elf
  • drow
  • Lightfoot Halfling
  • Hardhearted Halfling

Of course, everyone can take the Rogue class and try to become a thief, but these races have more chances to reach unprecedented heights in this profession. Now let’s talk about how to make your valiant hero a criminal genius.

NOTE: Summon Familiar is a useful spell that can distract enemies to face any direction you want or leave their post.

How to rob any NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to rob any NPC in Baldur's Gate 3?

To turn your heroic adventuring band into a band of elusive robbers, you’ll need more than the presence of Astarion or any other Rogue on your team, namely the help of a Priest and a Sorcerer:

  • The Priest applies the Guidance focus to the Rogue, which gives the character a 1d4 bonus on ability checks.
  • Then, with the otherworldly invocation “Thief of the Five Fates,” the Sorcerer inflicts “Corruption” on anyone you try to rob, thereby imposing a 1d4 penalty on all of his die rolls.
  • This is where the Dodger comes in, entering stealth mode and sneaking up on the target to get into her pocket unnoticed.

NOTE: Don’t forget to save before trying to pickpocket!

After using Guidance and Corruption, you will receive a buff, and your victims will receive a debuff, so you will be much more likely to commit theft and not be caught by the hand.

After something goes missing from an NPC’s pocket, they soon notice it and begin to look around and search the area, so after committing a theft, it is recommended to quickly hide in the nearest secluded place. However, if they do not immediately find the culprit, then the search will soon be curtailed, and after a short pause, you can return to work and go for new prey.

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