Guide Baldur’s Gate 3 – how to save Khalsin

Guide Baldurs Gate 3 how to save Khalsin Guide Baldur's Gate 3 - how to save Khalsin

Since this character has become one of the most talked about leading up to the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, many players may be wondering how to get Halsin into their squad.

Khalsina is the archdruid and leader of the Emerald Grove, able to call on the forces of nature to help and even turn into a bear on her own. One of your first major missions in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves him missing. However, while exploring the huge goblin camp in the west of the map in Act 1, you might accidentally walk past it, as this is the first time Khalsin will appear to the player in his bestial form, so keep that in mind.

Khalsin is incredibly important for completing several major quests in the starting area, and most importantly, he can become your combat ally and help clear the goblin camp, not to mention that he can play a role in your future battles, thanks to his ability to tank and deal great damage.

The problem is that without understanding the plot twists and turns, you can inadvertently follow the quest branch that will lead to his death. To prevent this from happening, we will tell you how to save Khalsin and replenish your squad with another strong ally at the beginning of the game.

Why save Khalsin?

In addition to the fact that saving Khalsin will help you complete several quests, namely “Save the Druid” and “Save the Refugees”, this will affect the attitude towards you of the druids and various peaceful inhabitants of the Emerald Grove, who are not indifferent to the fate of their main healer.

Where to find Khalsin?

Where can I find Khalsin in Baldur's Gate 3?

Head west from the Emerald Grove Gate and cross the bridge to reach a place called the Dead Village.

Beware, when you enter, the goblins will ambush you! However, if you are a drow or half-orc, they will automatically let you through. Go through the village to find the entrance to the camp.

Where is the goblin camp located in Baldur's Gate 3?

Enter the main goblin camp and reach the ruined sanctuary, where their leader is located – a drow named Mintara, who wishes death for the druids and arranged for the kidnapping of Khalsin.

If you want to save the druid, then you should not take her side, but you don’t have to join the battle right away either. Go up the stairs to the right of the altar. Pass by other prisoners and you will find a wooden path to the door, behind which there is a corral with wargs. There you will see how the goblins mock the bear in one of the cages.

How to free Khalsin and complete the quest?

How to free Khalsin in Baldur's Gate 3?

You can try to kill the goblins or convince them to open the cage with eloquence, but when the bear is free, the battle will be inevitable. However, dealing with several goblins in the dungeon will not be enough to successfully complete the quest. You need to destroy Mintara, one of Dror Ragzlin’s goblin leaders, and the Priestess of Gath in order to wipe out the goblin camp and free Khalsin from his mission. You can ask him to help you in combat or offer him to stay in the worg pens so you can deal with each leader discreetly.

Goblin leaders are a serious threat, as each of them is a fairly high-level enemy to start the game, so it is recommended to act tactically. If you can infiltrate the camp and convince the leaders that you are on their side, there is a chance to trap them and avoid a massacre.

Mintara Baldur's Gate 3

Talk to Mintara and show her the location of the Emerald Grove on the map. Then head to the grove and set up an ambush to eliminate it in a less risky way with the help of allies.

Priestess of Gath Baldur's Gate 3

Talk to the Priestess of the Gath and agree to let her cure your illness. She will go to her room and wait there alone. If you’re strong enough, you can ambush her and kill her in one turn before she calls for reinforcements.

Dror Ragzlin Baldur's Gate 3

Dror Ragzlin can be spoken to using the power of the illithids to convince him through the walking dead to go after the weapon he so desperately wants, thus capturing his attention. Although you still won’t be able to deal with him quietly, you will have an advantage in battle due to your planned and sudden attack for enemies.

If you still decide to arrange a bloody massacre in the goblin camp, we recommend destroying the drums so that they cannot call for reinforcements.

Quest final

Final quest to save Khalsin in Baldur's Gate 3

Rescuing Khalsin is a difficult mission that can take hours, but his help as a new member of the squad is incredibly useful. Upon returning to the camp, Halsin will tell you about the location of the Tower of Moonrise, where he believes there is an important magical source. Rescuing Khalsin will also lead to a quest in the Emerald Grove, where you will need to solve problems with refugees.

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