Guide Baldur’s Gate 3 – where to find Infernal Iron and why you need it

Guide Baldurs Gate 3 where to find Infernal Iron Guide Baldur's Gate 3 - where to find Infernal Iron and why you need it

If Karlach has become an integral part of your adventuring party in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll be interested to know that you can not only save your fiendish barbarian, but also make her even stronger with the help of Infernal Iron. What is this miracle and where can I get it? We will tell you about this in this article.

Infernal iron is the rarest metal straight from the underworld, which is used to create armor and weapons of truly infernal power. Of course, not everyone can handle such an unusual material, so you will need to find a blacksmith from the genus of tieflings – demonic creatures that actually lived in those places where Hellish iron is mined.

Fortunately, you will be lucky enough to meet such a master at the very beginning of the first act. In particular, the Tiefling Blacksmith and Infernal Iron are needed to complete the Karlah quest line and improve relations with her. If you want to spend more time with this demonic warrior and dress her in worthy armor, you will have to become a geologist for a while and go in search of rare rocks.

We intentionally only indicate the location of the Infernal Iron so that you can get to it, and we will not describe in detail the progress of the quests, so as not to spoil your pleasure from playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and discourage you from trying different ways to achieve the goals that this fantastic game is famous for a game.

How to find Dammon

For the first time, you will meet a blacksmith named Dammon in the Emerald Grove. The tiefling must survive so that you can continue to use its services. To do this, you need to complete the “Save the Refugees” quest, that is, do not take the side of Mintara in the confrontation between the druids and the goblin camp. Upon successful completion of the quest after the end of Act 1, the blacksmith will travel further, so be sure to visit him before that in order to start the Karlach quest as early as possible and not look for him all over the Sword Coast. But if you suddenly lose it and go astray, Dammon should be in one of these locations:

  • 1st place: Emerald Grove [Акт 1]
  • 2nd place: Tavern “Last Light” [Акт 2]
  • 3rd Place: Baldur’s Gate [Акт 3]

Dammon will offer you to create unusual equipment in exchange for Hell’s Iron in the second act, but he is also an important NPC in the Karlach quest at the beginning of the game. She also needs this material, as it will help her get rid of the infernal engine that serves as her heart, but at the same time can explode at any moment. Dammon will try to help her by giving him Hell Iron in the first act.

You can complete the Karlach quest if Dammon is still alive and in Baldur’s Gate. You can give the blacksmith leftover infernal iron to create powerful equipment, or just sell it if all of the above is already done.

Where to find Infernal Iron

Where to find Infernal Iron in Baldur's Gate 3

Please note that Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge game and we’ve only listed Hell Iron locations known at the time of writing, so in practice you may stumble across this material elsewhere, so please share this information in the comments if that happens.

extinct village

Infernal Iron in the Extinct Village in Baldur's Gate 3

Inside the blacksmith shop in the basement of a large building located in the center of the Extinct Village. In the basement, break open the treasure chest that is hidden on a high ledge up the stairs.

Sanctuary of the Zhentarim

Infernal Iron in the Zhentarim Sanctuary in Baldur's Gate 3

The Zhentarim are a local crime ring, black market, and thieves’ guild rolled into one, so finding their hideout isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know where to look.

To get started, find Waukeen’s Refuge on the Growth Road in the northwestern part of the map. The previously thriving inn will be destroyed and engulfed in flames after a goblin attack. However, you need a secret basement, which should have remained intact.

It can be found in the cave under the inn. In the barn, use the door to the basement, and then either get the key from the guard, or persuade him to give the key to you. In the basement, use the key on the corner of the closet to access the secret hideout. At the far end of the cave, behind a series of explosive mines, you will find two metal gates. The infernal iron is behind the left locked gate guarded by wolves and guards.

broken sanctuary

Infernal Iron in the Shattered Sanctuary in Baldur's Gate 3

The next piece of iron can be found in the goblin camp in the Broken Sanctum. If you saved the goblin Sazza, she will guide you to the camp and you can try to open the goblin vault without making a fuss. Otherwise, you will have to kill the leader and take the key from his corpse.

Stonemasons Guild

Infernal Iron in the Masons Guild in Baldur's Gate 3

Traveling through the Cursed Lands in the second act, you will most likely look into the city of Reithvin. North of this town’s waypoint is the Stonemasons’ Guild. On the first floor, you will find many different stones, among which there will be the legendary infernal alloy.

Challenge Ball

Infernal Iron in Challenge Shar in Baldur's Gate 3

Another interesting place that you can visit in the city of Reitvin is the sanctuary of a dark deity named Shar, whose test you need to pass, thereby getting into the dungeon, where there is a vault behind a huge iron door. After breaking open the door you will see several chests. In the central one, among other things, lies the Infernal Iron.

There, in the Shar Challenge dungeon, you will meet a huge demon Yurgir, for defeating which they will also give iron, but be prepared for the fact that the battle will be very difficult, since this is a level 10 enemy.


Hell Iron in Grimforge in Baldur's Gate 3

In the second act, you will also get to a dark place called Grimforge under the Ancient Temple. In the dungeon forge, talk to Stonecutter Keith and pass all three skill checks. Pass all three checks and you’ll be rewarded with a piece of hellish iron.

iron throne

Infernal Iron in the Iron Throne in Baldur's Gate 3

Infernal Iron can also be found in Act 3 if you take the Rescue Duke of Ravengard quest, which will lead you to an underwater prison known as the Iron Throne. Freeing the prisoners, you will certainly have to fight the Titans of the Steel Watch, from which you can knock out the Infernal Iron, but the probability of this is not 100%.

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