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Having got acquainted with all the merchants, put things in order in the shelter, and picked up a couple of convenient firearms for himself, a recruit who recently arrived in Tarkov begins to think about choosing a suitable defense. Especially for those who have not yet figured out the classification of armor in Escape from Tarkov, we have prepared a small guide.

As you might have guessed by now, equipment in Tarkov is far from being that simple. Bulletproof vests and helmets are selected not only by class, but also by price, wear resistance, degree of protection and fines. When choosing armor, you will have to take into account all its features, which is generally true for everything that you choose for yourself in the game.

It is important to understand that developers are constantly making balance changes, which is why the top thing today, in the next update, can easily cease to be such. In this guide, we will go over the protection available today, talk about its classification and give a few tips on choosing.

The parameters of body armor are as follows:

  • Strength in fact, the points of armor and wear resistance are in one thing – the higher it is, the more shots the breastplate will withstand.
  • Movement Speed ​​Penalty speaks for itself.
  • Penalty to turn will reduce the speed at which your character turns accordingly, as well as increase the time it takes for the scope to stabilize.
  • Protection zones are responsible for the places that body armor covers – chest, stomach and sometimes arms.
  • Ergonomics affects how much stamina is needed to keep the weapon in aim.

Bulletproof vests second class

The second is the lowest armor class in existence. They are fairly cheap, become available early in the game, and are easy to lose, making them a great choice for beginners.

However, there is very little protection from second-class body armor. They can withstand a shotgun blast, absorb a few pistol rounds, but will not be a problem for experienced opponents. They only protect the chest and abdomen.

  • Bulletproof vest Module 3M – has a durability parameter 40but reduces your movement speed by 7% and turn to 6%.
  • Bulletproof vest PACA Soft Armor – from fifty strength takes away 6% on the speed of your hero and five% from agility.
  • Bulletproof vest 6B2– the strongest of its class with the parameter 80, 6% movement penalty and total 3% – to turn.

This type of armor is far from ideal, but it will allow you to protect the fighter without serious financial investments. In terms of price, PACA can be considered the best choice, but try not to linger on the second class.

Bulletproof vests of the third class

The next type of vest also covers only the chest and stomach. Third-class bulletproof vests are much better at handling shots, while still not as high in price. They hold up well to shotguns and even most rifle cartridges. Highly recommended for beginners to get familiar with the game.

  • Bulletproof vest MF-UNTAR – wear resistance fiftyvery seriously cuts mobility – as much as eighteen%and also penalizes agility by 6%.
  • Body armor Zhuk-3 – strength is also fifty units, and the mobility penalty is 10%and only on 4% cuts turn.
  • Bulletproof vest 6B23-1 – hardened to 60 points, penalizes running on eleven% and on five% penalizes hastiness.
  • Body armor BNTI Breastplate-N – too 60 strength parameter, total 8% traffic penalty and five% – to the speed of turn.

BNTI in this case is the best option, however, it also costs more than others.

Bulletproof vests of the fourth class

Really effective bibs, significantly superior to their predecessors. An excellent choice to earn extra money without too much risk of losing to more experienced fighters.

Class 4 body armor is capable of withstanding a large amount of submachine gun rounds, shotguns and pistols, but still succumb to most serious Tarkov guns.

  • Bulletproof vest Highcom Trooper TFO – wear resistance 85traffic penalty nine%to turn – total 2%.
  • Bulletproof vest combined arms 6B13 assault (distributed in two colors) – has 47 strength, 12% running penalty and also 3% to agility.
  • Bulletproof vest 6B23-2 – from 55 strength points, -eleven% to run and -3% to the turn.

Of the representatives of the fourth class, the Highcom Trooper shows itself well. It is very durable, hinders movement less than others, and is cheaper than others, but unlike “classmates” it protects only the chest.

Bulletproof vests of the fifth class

The most effective armor that can withstand most shots. Most often, it is she who turns out to be the best choice due to the difference in price between the fifth and sixth grades. At the same time, it is much more expensive than previous models, and it is also more difficult to find it. Great for serious raids.

  • Body armor BNTI Gzhel-K – not so long ago migrated to the fifth grade. Strength 65, 10% mobility penalty and -3% to turning speed.
  • Bulletproof vest IOTV Gen4 – armor with full body protection, covering not only the chest and stomach, but also the arms. Very durable -95 units, but extremely heavy and uncomfortable: -33% to speed and -19% to the turn.
  • Body armor IOTV Gen4 (assault version) – light version with reduced to 75 strength. Run penalty – twenty%to shackling – fourteen%.
  • Bulletproof vest IOTV Gen4 (mobile) – Another modification of this armor without hand protection. Strength is 65 points, the speed is cut into eleven%but the rotation drops to -17%. The heaviest in the class.
  • Bulletproof vest modified 6B13 M – light and reliable with durability 60from 13% speed penalty and all 3% – to turn.
  • Body armor FORT Redut-M – also has a strength parameter in 60 points, -13% to run and -12% to hell.
  • Body armor FORT Redut-T5 – Fortified modification of FORT with full protection. It has a record durability among all Tarkov’s breastplates – one hundred points, as well as almost the heaviest armor – 37% run penalty and 15% to turning speed.

In principle, each body armor from the list is good in its own way, it largely depends on the goals that you set for yourself in the raid. FORT may be preferable to IOTV, but higher in price.

Bulletproof vests of the sixth class

The most expensive and most reliable armor that can withstand almost all shots. It is very difficult to penetrate it, at the moment only four guns available in the game can handle it, which is why it is so expensive.

  • Bulletproof vest 6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh – fullbody protection, 85 strength parameters, -42% to mobility and -21% to turning speed. Ideal for a heavy attack aircraft. Very heavy.
  • Body armor Zhuk-6a – It has 75 strength, cuts mobility on 13% and turning speed five%. Protects the chest and abdomen. The best choice for a shock, well-armed squad.
  • Bulletproof vest LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier – strength 80speed penalty -10%quickness cuts just on 2%but only covers the chest. An excellent, but very expensive chest piece for quick, solo raids for valuable loot.

What kind of armor to choose in the end?

The sixth grade is the best body armor in the game, however, their price tag is slightly out of line with the difference in protective properties compared to the fifth grade. In case you can’t afford the fifth bibs, or you feel not too confident, pay attention to the representatives of the third and fourth classes – today they have the best value for money.

Remember, every time you repair armor in Tarkov, its durability parameter decreases. Repairs are carried out by two merchants – Prapor and Skier. The first works cheaper, but seriously reduces the wear resistance of the bib. The second repair is more accurate, but much more expensive.

The class and durability of armor are two parameters that are responsible for its effectiveness in combat. If you are using expensive bibs, we strongly recommend that you do not forget about it.

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