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In order for the arsenal to be regularly replenished with everything you need, and the shelter not to freeze in development, you should make your escape from Tarkov profitable. We have prepared a couple of tips for making money in the game, which may be useful for beginners.

How to make money in Escape from Tarkov

There are several points that anyone who wants to earn extra money in the expanses of Tarkov needs to know. To get started, learn the following:

If you have accumulated a lot of non-weapon junk, empty space tends to zero, and you are determined to sell the excess, contact the Therapist.

It is she who will offer you the best prices for non-combat items, such as food, water, medicines, army dog ​​tags and technical supplies.

If you want to sell a weapon to a vendor, contact the Skier. He will not buy whole guns, but he will pay well for dismantled ones. Everything that the Skier refuses to take, carry it for sale to Prapor.

Don’t focus on PvP

Hunting for other players is not suitable as the main source of income, but rather, on the contrary, promises financial losses. Even if you are an exceptionally tough stalker, your chances of survival will not exceed fifty percent. Think about the losses due to insurance and equipment lost in battle.

Key spawn points

If you have studied the paths on the maps well and know where expensive items and keys spawn approximately, you can make good money on their extraction and sale. If it so happened that you were not far from the place where the key appeared, be sure to go and check for its presence. The profit in this case will outweigh the possible losses if you collide with another player.

Study the cards carefully

This is a general tip, useful in principle to all players, regardless of their goals in the raid. Start with any one location, explore all the routes, remember the location of important objects.

Extensive research will allow you to study player spawn points, as well as areas where wilds roam, their varieties and behaviors. Any information about the area will be useful to you in the future.

Protected Container Gamma

These containers are designed specifically to allow players to save the most valuable finds, but first you should carefully study the market and demand in order to understand which things should be hidden first. If another player kills you, the only thing they can’t take from the body is this container.

Regularly use wild

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In addition to using the main character, once every 20 minutes, players can enter the raid as a wild – randomly equipped fighter. Do not hesitate to kill your brothers, collect all the most valuable things from them, and then hastily evacuate.

Upon arrival at the base, undress the wild to the naked. All the items that he brings may not be the best in the game, but they will definitely be of interest to merchants.

Be patient

In just a couple of raids, you can earn some good money if you are patient and careful. Even on a small grind of ordinary resources, scattered in places where other players rarely appear, you can raise a decent amount of money.

Try to check the bodies of the killed enemies, even if you didn’t kill them. Very often, more experienced players leave less valuable loot. Grab anything that isn’t nailed down, even hats.

Visit a flea market

Upon reaching a certain level, players have access to a local auction, where there are many opportunities for earning money, including reselling items bought from Mechanic and Skier at a high reputation level. Read more about the flea market in the guide Escape from Tarkov – trading tips.

Suitable cards

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On the Shore map, you can head east towards a relatively safe village, or explore the waterfront buildings, looting military crates and killing wild ones along the way.

Carefully study the Interchange map. Find the most comfortable part of the store for yourself, search through all the military boxes there and try to take everything out.

Another good option for making money is the Forest, where you can quickly make a profit, especially respawning as a wild one. Finish off a few of your comrades, collect all the loot and flee.

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