Guide Ghost of Tsushima – How to get all the trophies

ghosttsushima Resident Evil 7 - How to get the hardest achievements and trophies

Adventure action Ghost of Tsushima contains 52 trophies, and in this guide we will tell you how to get them all, with tips for passing.

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies – Main Story

You will receive these trophies as you progress through the storyline of the game.

List of trophies

  • A Coming Storm – Collect the Sakai clan’s katana
  • Point of no return – step back from the path of the samurai to help a possible ally
  • Wolf Pack – Enlist the help of Straw Hat Ronin
  • Fan the Spark – Rescue Taka from Mongol Captivity
  • Family Gathered – Free Lord Shimura from the Khan’s captivity
  • Leader of the People – Raise the Yarikawa Peasants to Fight
  • By birthright – take back your father’s armor
  • Smoldering Embers – Kill traitors in the name of a fallen friend
  • Ghost – accept a new destiny
  • Alliance of Exiles – Join your Companions in the Frozen North
  • Death of a Ruler – Challenge the Khan
  • Mono no aware – leave the past behind and take on the burden of a new destiny

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies – Side Quests

You will receive these trophies for completing additional stories.

List of trophies

  • Warrior Monk – Complete all of Norio’s stories
  • Avenging Warrior – Complete all Masako stories
  • Relentless Archer – Complete all of Ishikawa’s stories
  • Stubborn Thief – Complete all of Yuna’s stories
  • Storyteller – Complete all stories of ancient heroes

These quests are displayed on the map with blue icons

  • Support for All – Complete all Tsushima stories

To get this trophy, you must complete all quests, including those you find while traveling around the world. Note that some quests require you to talk to NPCs in settlements to start, so don’t ignore characters with a conversation icon above their heads.

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies – Combat

You will receive these trophies by completing challenges in battles with the Mongols and bandits.

  • Shine of Steel – Counter 20 enemies with a perfect parry

Learn the Perfect Parry technique in the Reflection tree, then parry (L1) at the moment when the enemy is about to strike, and then slash him. After you do it 20 times, get the trophy.

  • Witness Protection – Shoot a fleeing feared enemy

As you level up, your attacks will begin to intimidate opponents, and they will fall to the ground or run away from the battle. Just shoot a running enemy with a bow and get a trophy.

  • In one fell swoop – defeat the maximum number of enemies in one showdown

Proceed through the story to get the Sakai Clan Armor. Once you upgrade your armor to the maximum, the showdown streak will increase to 5. Next, go in search of opponents and get five kills in the showdown. I recommend that you do not try to get this trophy in the northern lands – it is better to return to Toyotama, where it is easier to execute enemies in confrontation.

  • Bargain – Stun enemies 50 times

To stun the opponent, use a strong attack (triangle) in conjunction with a stance that matches the type of fighter.

  • Only one left – win all duels

Duels in Ghost of Tsushima are duels against bosses. They are found not only in story quests, but also in secondary quests, in particular, the quest line of Mrs. Masako and Stories of Legendary Heroes.

  • Good Landing – Kill an enemy by throwing them off a ledge

There are several ways to get the trophy. For example, you can shoot at an opponent going up or down the stairs. Or learn the technique “Clash on the run” from the “Evasion” branch, find an opponent standing on the edge of a cliff, and push him down with a running start.

  • Deadly Accuracy – Kill 20 enemies with Ghost stance strikes

You will master this stance as you progress through the story. Next, you only need to kill 20 enemies: given that Jin kills three opponents in the Ghost Stance, you will have to use it 7 times to get the trophy. You can use the Ghost armor to accumulate points faster to enter the Ghost stance.

Resident Evil 7 - How to get the hardest achievements and trophies

  • Legendary Ghost – create a legend about yourself to rightfully be called the Ghost of Tsushima

Complete quests and fight opponents to strengthen the legend. Sooner or later you will reach the maximum rank.

  • Diligent Student – Master the fighting stances of Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon.

To master the stances faster, do not rush to kill enemy commanders in the camps. First quietly sneak up on them and watch their training – this will earn you a point in mastering the combat stance, after which you can kill the commander and get another point.

  • All possible tricks – master all the throwing weapon techniques available to the Ghost
  • Perfect Storm – Upgrade your sword to the max

It is recommended to use the Inari Charm, which gives a significant increase in the amount of collected resources needed to upgrade weapons and armor

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies – Gathering

These trophies you get for exploring Tsushima

  • Take care of yourself – place wards in all 6 slots

To get this trophy, you will not only have to find charms (you can get them in shrines and as a reward for completing quests), but also follow the foxes, which will lead Jin to the altars – praying at the altars will allow you to open the cells for the charms.

  • Giftedness – Collect 10 gifts
  • Killer Look – Collect 30 decorative items
  • Guiding Beacon – Light a fire at all lighthouses in Tsushima

  • Den of Thieves – Find Umugi Cove

Resident Evil 7 - How to get the hardest achievements and trophies

  • Favor of the Gods – Find all Shinto shrines on Tsushima and offer prayers there

  • Honor the Unseen – bow to 10 altars hidden on Tsushima

The trick with this trophy is that the altars are not marked on the map. You will have to find them yourself, then bow near each of them by swiping down on the gamepad’s touchpad. You will know that the bow has been counted when you see a unique reaction to it. More details in the video below

  • Lost and found
  • Find the Pillar of Honor and claim the Swordsman’s Kit
  • Masters of Monochrome – Buy item from black and white paint merchants
  • Cooper Clan Cosplayer – Dress up like a legendary thief

This trophy is a reference to the Sly Cooper series by Sucker Punch. To get it, you will need to complete the quest “Invincible Gosaku” from the “Stories of Ancient Heroes” series to get Gosaku’s armor. Then find the Crooked Scythe Headband and Thief’s Robes Mask, and buy Gosaku’s “Ocean Guard” Paint from the merchant in Umugi Bay. After that, it remains only to put it all on the hero.

  • Lament for the Ruined Forge – Play Lament of the Storm on a friend’s grave

Story spoiler

You will receive the Flute Melody “Cry of the Storm” when you find 5 fireflies in the cemeteries (I recommend using the Traveler’s Robe during the search). Then head to Taka’s grave east of Yarikawa Fortress, select that tune from the equipment menu, and play it by swiping left on the touchpad. Of course, you have to progress through the story for Taka to die.

Resident Evil 7 - How to get the hardest achievements and trophies

  • There is only a moment – capture the world in photo mode

The photo mode is called up by pressing the right button on the D-pad.

  • Reader – Collect 20 entries

You will find entries in settlements and houses as you explore the world. Use Traveler’s Garb

  • Know Your Enemy – Collect 20 Mongolian Artifacts

You will find artifacts in the camps and forts of the Mongols. Use Traveler’s Garb

Resident Evil 7 - How to get the hardest achievements and trophies

  • A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body – Stack up all the haiku and visit all the hot springs, Inari shrines and training grounds

It will be easier to get this trophy after completing the story and liberating the island: you will see the whole map with interesting places marked on it


The hot springs:

Shrines of Inari:

Training grounds:

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies – Liberation of Tsushima

You will receive these trophies by freeing the areas of Tsushima from the influence of the Mongols.

  • Hero of the People – Liberate 12 captured territories in Izuhara
  • Island Battle – Liberate all occupied territories in Izuhara
  • There and the road – liberate 8 occupied territories in Toyotama
  • Sanctuary Liberation – Liberate all occupied territories in Toyotama
  • Eviction – liberate 7 occupied territories in Kamiagata
  • Safe Harbor Again – Liberate all occupied territories in Kamiagata
  • Great Liberator – Liberate the entire island of Tsushima from the invaders

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies – Platinum Trophy

  • Living Legend – Get all the prizes

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