Guide Ghost of Tsushima – Walkthrough Tips

ghost of tsushima samurai Guide Ghost of Tsushima – Walkthrough Tips

Explore Tsushima… but not too thoroughly

Tsushima Island consists of three large locations filled with a huge amount of quests, collectibles and other activities.

Immediately after the prologue, you can go to “vacuum” the map, but take your time. Firstly, if you explore the world very carefully, you will quickly level up and make the adventure in Ghost of Tsushima too easy.

Secondly, in this case, you will have to disperse the “fog of war” – but there is a way to take a simpler path: after completing the story campaign, the location of all Mongol outposts opens on the map; clear them – and the “fog of war” will disperse by itself, and you will see all possible points of interest.

Therefore, it is better to complete the main story, and then proceed to close secondary activities.

If you still decide to explore the vastness of the island on your own, use the Wanderer’s Vestments armor – it makes it possible to search for artifacts using the guiding wind, disperses the “fog of war” faster, and also indicates the location of artifacts near Jin by vibration of the controller.

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In addition, birds that lead the hero to points of interest, and peasants will help you explore Tsushima: if you see the dialogue icon above the NPC, hurry to him, most likely, he will give you a tip to an unexplored place.

What can you get for exploring the world?

The open world of Ghost of Tsushima is fraught with many objects that will be useful for Jin.

  • Collected resources will allow you to improve the katana, bow and armor
  • Fox Holes will lead you to Prayer Sites, allowing you to open Charm Slots and enhance their effects.

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  • New katana and tanto skins can be found at the Pillars of Honor
  • Haiku writing slots unlock new headbands
  • Sanctuaries hide powerful amulets
  • Hot springs will increase Jin’s maximum health
  • Training grounds increase the number of cells of determination
  • Banners unlock new horse saddles

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  • Singing crickets teach Jin flute melodies

In addition, in Ghost of Tsushima you have to light beacons, fight mini-bosses, find records and Mongolian artifacts.

Upgrade the Ghost’s weapons

The battles in Ghost of Tsushima are not boring until the very end, but fighting only with weapons is not very interesting and effective.

We recommend combining melee weapons with gadgets that are available to Jin in large quantities. So, kunai will stun opponents, a smoke bomb will help you hide in the middle of a fight and perform a couple of stealth kills, and a sticky bomb can kill an enemy on the spot.

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Upgrading will make these weapons even deadlier, so invest Tech Points into them from the start: this way you can throw even more kunai, restore health while in the smoke of a bomb, increase the explosion radius of a gunpowder bomb, and so on.

Parry and dodge

Try to master dodge and parry as soon as possible. If you get into the timing and repulse the enemy’s blow at the last second, then you can carry out a powerful counterattack with huge damage. Invest Technique Points in Reflection and Dodge to learn new tricks, such as a spectacular jump on an enemy from a horse.

Use the environment

The game doesn’t have a lot of options for killing opponents with the help of the environment, but there are some options. So, you can shoot at wasp nests and lit lanterns to release angry wasps and pour fire on the heads of enemies, and when you get to the hwacha – a quick-firing weapon – you can easily deal with a small army.

Change racks often

Stances in Ghost of Tsushima help you deal with different types of enemies. Stone Stance is effective against swordsmen, Water Stance against shielded warriors, Wind Stance against spearmen, and Moon Stance against heavy opponents.

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So, instead of unsuccessfully trying to break through the spearman’s defenses while in rock stance, just switch to wind stance and kill the enemy in no time.

To open the racks, sneak into the Mongol camps and look for their leaders. But don’t rush to kill them: first watch the leader to fill up a slot on the stance learning bar, then fight him and fill another slot.

Stances can be upgraded with Tech Points, which will strengthen them and give you access to new combo attacks.

How to level up in Ghost of Tsushima

The development system in the game makes leveling through battles almost useless – experience for them gives very little. To level up faster, complete tasks and discover new places on the map. In the description of the quest, you will see how much its completion will affect the strengthening of the Legend of Jin – that is, the level of development of the hero.

The best amulets are in hard-to-reach places

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Charms in Ghost of Tsushima are passive bonuses that are placed in six cells: two for large charms and four for small ones. The best wards are found only in shrines, and each of these shrines is a Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia-style puzzle. In other words, platform challenges await you, in which you need to reach the goal and, if possible, not fall into the abyss.

Complete Stories of Ancient Heroes ASAP

“Stories of Ancient Heroes” are special quests that are displayed on the game map with a blue icon. You will meet musicians who will give you tips on legendary armor, weapons or combat techniques.

Completing these quests will open up very effective opportunities for you. So, you will master powerful unblockable attacks, learn how to set fire to the sword blade and charge explosive arrows. And the armor that you get in adventures will give Jin great bonuses.

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Change your clothes more often

The vestments that become available to Jin not only look stylish, but also contain various bonuses. You can put on a new armor in a couple of clicks, so don’t be lazy to use these advantages.

For example, the armor of the Sakai clan will be extremely useful in close combat, giving bonuses to damage and health. If you prefer stealth, put on the Ghost armor, which reduces the speed of character detection. When exploring the world, the traveler’s attire will come in handy, and the Tadayori armor will help you shoot faster with a bow.

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The above only applies to armor. Helmets, headbands and masks are decorative items and you can use them in any combination.

Leveling armor is quite expensive, and in order to improve absolutely everything, you will have to spend a lot of resources. Therefore, choose the most effective, in your opinion, and invest in them first.

Don’t like the weather? Choose another!

Jin has a flute with which he can change the weather – stop the storm, disperse the clouds, or, on the contrary, cause a storm. You can select a melody in the menu Equipment – Accessories, and you can play the flute by swiping left on the touchpad of the gamepad.

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At the beginning of the passage, only one melody is available to Jin – “Warm Embrace of the Sun”; to open the rest, look for cages with crickets in cemeteries scattered around the world.

These tips are enough to start the passage of Ghost of Tsushima. Soon we will tell you how to find all the armor in the game and show the full map of the world.

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