Guide Little Nightmares 2: how to unlock the secret ending

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Did you know that Little Nightmares 2 has a bonus ending? And the only way to open it is to find all 18 chaotic remnants.

The chaotic remnants are made up of noise and look like normal children, and we have no idea what they mean. However, we know how to find them all! And it’s absolutely worth it, because after finding 18 chaotic remains, you can unlock an additional cut-scene after the end of the storyline.

It is worth noting that these strange collectibles are the hardest to find. You always need to carefully inspect each location, additional rooms or find hidden passages, and you are unlikely to be able to find them all the first time.

Luckily, we can replay each chapter to collect all the items that might have been overlooked/missed. Note that the developers have made this process a little easier: in the chapter selection menu there is a completion progress, thanks to which you can always keep track of which collectibles have already been collected.

Below we have posted a detailed guide to the location of all the chaotic remains in Little Nightmares 2:

Chapter 1

  • First Chaotic Remnant: At the very beginning of the chapter, you will find yourself in front of an abyss with a destroyed bridge. Climb down, and go all the way to the right: climb through the cave, where you will find the first remnant.
  • Second Chaotic Remnant: Next you will enter an area with traps. Pay attention to the log lying there, as there is a hole under it, in which lies the second chaotic remnant.
  • The third chaotic residue: located in a wooden toilet in the Hunter’s yard. In order to open it, use the help of the Sixth.
  • Fourth Chaotic Remnant: You will find it at the very end of the chapter when you get to the beach. Pay attention to the background, as there is a TV, and next to it, the last remnant in the first chapter.

Chapter 2

Little Nightmares 2: Chapter 2

  • Fifth Chaotic Remnant: located on the third floor of the building that Six gets into with the help of a dropped TV. Climb up to the third floor. There, on the edge, you will see the remainder.
  • Sixth Chaotic Remnant: playground in front of the entrance to the school. Go to the far corner where you will see a bicycle.
  • Seventh Chaotic Remnant: a little later you will find yourself in a room with a mountain of school tables. Climb through the broken window on the right and get into the corridor with lockers. The rest is in the third locker.
  • Eighth Chaotic Remnant: On the second floor of the main hall, go to the left, to the broken railing, where you will see two bottles – the rest is sitting next to them.
  • Ninth chaotic residue: When you get to the dining room, go down the stairs, where you will see a cart with plates. Move it aside and go into the room – another chaotic remnant will be waiting for you on the table.
  • Tenth chaotic remnant: After leaving the school and crossing a huge chasm, you will come to an alley. Move the waste container aside so that its lid is closed, thus forming a platform. Climb up, where you will see a paper boat – there is the last chaotic remnant in this chapter.

Chapter 3

Little Nightmares 2: Chapter 3

  • Eleventh Chaotic Remnant: Pick up the flashlight and then get to a large dark room with empty beds on both sides. Go to the far end, where you will see a cart with cans. Next to it is the rest.
  • Twelfth chaotic residue: After passing the room with hanging prostheses, you will enter a corridor with racks with even more prostheses. Go to the far corner where the rest will be waiting for you.
  • Thirteenth chaotic residue: after reaching the corridor, where the prosthesis sticks out of the door, go to the left, where you will see the ventilation grate. Climb into it, go through the hole, and then into the room behind the bars – there is the thirteenth chaotic remnant in a row.
  • Fourteenth chaotic residue: Once in the shower room and turn on the light with the lever, go to the back left corner, move the box, where you will see a vent leading to a secret room.

Chapter 4

Little Nightmares 2: Chapter 4

  • Fifteenth chaotic residue: Once in a rainy alley between buildings, move back a little, where you will find a hatch. Get down.
  • Sixteenth chaotic residue: After solving the elevator puzzle and once on the top floor, pay attention to the left corner. There is a box that can be moved. Climb through the hole and find yourself in a room with a chaotic residue.
  • Seventeenth chaotic residue: After climbing onto the roof of the building, you will see a wooden grate that you need to climb on. However, before you go upstairs, look under it – there is an open window leading to the room with the penultimate remnant.
  • Eighteenth chaotic residue: located in the building that Mono enters with a hanger. Once there, climb back out and walk along the roof to the next room, where you will see the last chaotic remnant.

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