Guide Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Where to find all the Royal monsters

Want to fight on truly unique, powerful monsters? Then you will have to search for the Royal Monsters, the strongest of those that you will meet in the game world.

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There are six Royal Monsters in total, and in order to get the egg of each of them, you will have to drive them all the way to the lair. But before you get a chance to do so, you need to find the critters. We recommend not to drive horses and take care of the search after you have decently pumped, otherwise you will not succeed.

Remember how to make a monster flee from the battlefield? That’s right, the Colorful Ball is one of the most effective methods to put the enemy to flight by spawning a lair, at the end of which a monster will be waiting for you at the nest. Here it is, your chance to get a rare Golden Egg! If you beat “mom”, of course. After all, finding the Royal Monsters is not difficult, they always appear in the same places. Defeating them is a completely different matter.

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So, if you’re up for some tough battles, here’s a list of places where you can find your new favorite monsters:

  • Tigrex: Alcala, Alcala Valley – South of the fast travel station in Alcala Highlands.
  • Monoblos: Alcala, Harzgai Rocky Hill – right between both fast travel stations.
  • gammoth: Loloska forest – right next to the station.
  • Zinogr: Rocky Loloski Canyon – north of the station, just above the road.
  • Ferocious Tigrex: Lamur, Sadon Wastes – Southwest of the fast travel station.
  • White Monoblos: Lamur, Djalma Highlands – on the northern road from the station.

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