Guide Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – Tips for beginners

The open nature of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord can be overwhelming for newcomers, especially those who haven’t played Warband or any of the other games in the series. To make the first few hours of the game more enjoyable, we have prepared some tips for beginners. In this guide, we will try to talk about the basic elements of the gameplay and teach you how to play Bannerlord a little. Below you will learn the basics of combat, learn how to hire soldiers, manage a squad, or get better weapons and fighters.

Best Starter Culture

This decision is well worth considering. You cannot change the selected culture – this is the most important choice when creating a character. The following table lists all Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord cultures.

culturethe effect
Vlandians (Vlandians)Soldiers receive 20% more experience in combat
Sturgians (Sturgians)Speed ​​penalty when moving on snow reduced by 20%
Empire (Empire)City projects, wall repairs and siege preparations are completed 20% faster
Aserai (Aserai)Gathering caravans is 30% cheaper and the trade penalty is 10% less
Khuzaits (Khuzaits)Cavalry moves around the campaign map 10% faster
Battanians (Battanians)Decreased speed penalty when moving through woods by 10%

What culture is best for beginners? We recommend choosing the Vlandians – she will help your soldiers level up faster, increasing your chances of winning the battle.

Complete combat training

After creating a character, you can participate in combat training – be sure to go through it. This is a great opportunity to explore Bannerlord’s combat system. You will be able to learn how to direct your attacks and block the blows of opponents. In addition, in training you will get the opportunity to master all types of combat – with a sword, shield, spear, bow and crossbow on foot, as well as on horseback.

Save more often

After completing the tutorial and starting the game itself, it is worth remembering an important rule – save as often as possible. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is an unpredictable game. You can be attacked at any time by a stronger squad. You can fail the mission, spoiling the relationship with the customer. In case of such situations, you should always have a save file in stock that you can return to.

Use your shield

The shield is a beginner’s best friend. If it is missing from your character’s inventory from the very beginning of the game, go to the nearest city as soon as possible and buy the simplest shield for a few tens of gold. Using a shield greatly increases your chance of surviving combat. It is easier to defend with it than with weapons, and it will also cover you from enemy arrows.

Recruit Soldiers

Once on the campaign map, you can start hiring soldiers. From the very beginning, you will receive 1000 gold coins – enough for a squad of about 20 people. He will be able to cope with small groups of bandits. To hire soldiers, go to a city or village and select the function Recruit troops (recruit troops). In a new window, you will see fighters ready to join your squad.

Don’t forget provisions

The recruited soldiers need to be fed. Food can be bought from merchants or taken from dead enemies. Without food, your squad’s morale will drop, leading to desertion. In addition, you need to try to feed the soldiers with a variety of food, then their morale will grow and increase your Steward skill, which is responsible for the maximum squad size.

Complete missions

When you have a few dozen soldiers, you can start taking missions. Completing them will help you earn a lot of gold and improve relationships with customers. There are several types of missions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, such as escorting caravans, destroying bandits, or finding spies. You can take missions in cities or villages. If a character has a job for you, they will be marked with a blue exclamation mark on their portrait.

Upgrade your weapons

Weapons need to be upgraded regularly. Good equipment can be obtained by defeating pirates (Sea raiders) or mountain bandits (Mountain bandits). Their weapons will definitely be better than the starting ones. With about 20 common soldiers, you should be able to easily deal with several groups of these enemies. In addition, weapons and armor can be bought, but you will need a lot of money.

Soldiers and horses increase the maximum load

The load limit determines how many things you can carry (each item has a certain weight) – if you exceed the maximum load value, the fighter will move around the map much more slowly. However, the maximum carry weight can be increased – just hire more soldiers in the squad. In addition, you can take several horses, they also increase the load limit.

Looking for companions

Companions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord can help you in a variety of situations. Their skills affect the entire squad – for example, if a companion has the Medicine skill, he will be able to heal all your fighters. Naturally, they will also help you in combat. In addition, companions can replace you on missions, allowing you to increase the number of quests you complete.

It is worth finding at least one companion as soon as possible. Potential companions can be found in city taverns. When you see such a character, talk to him – he will join your squad if he is paid.


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