Guide Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to earn money

At the very beginning of the Bannerlord campaign, as in any game of this magnitude, the player faces the problem of earning money, which is vital for development. Here’s how to earn your first fortune in Mount and Blade 2.

Just one word: caravans. Not in the sense that you will get rich on their escort, no. You must start forming and launching your own caravans.

To get started, you will need 16-17 thousand dinars and one companion. Anyone, without the need to have any special skills. How to get such a sum?

Farming the repeatable quest Army of Poachers or Escort Caravan will help here. The latter is more time consuming and less profitable, but can be more useful as it has you traveling around the map looking for the next Army of Poachers, for example. And now in more detail.

Spend the first couple of thousand dinars on a detachment of soldiers, 20-30 people, and pump them until they get shields, since the enemies in the above quest are usually armed with bows.

How to pump these soldiers? Attack all bandits and marauders, unless they outnumber you. Always collect trophies, this will give you a few hundred coins on top, they will come in handy for you to buy provisions and upgrade equipment.

As soon as you have infantry with shields and maybe even a couple of archers, stock up 2-3 dozen units of food and go look around the cities for the Army of Poachers mission, travel with the Escort Caravan until you save up for a companion, and then for the caravan itself.

Now, you are probably wondering: “how do I create a caravan?”. In the city in the upper right corner, find the list of citizens and study their types. You need Merchant or Artisan.

All of the above will take a couple of in-game months, plus or minus a couple of weeks depending on your luck. The result will be a steady flow of money, which is so important for the future emperor at the beginning of his journey.


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