Guide Outriders: how to enable crossplay

picture 1 5 Guide Outriders: how to enable crossplay

Outriders allows you to play with your friends regardless of their platforms, but the crossplay feature is disabled by default.

One of the many cool features of Outriders is full crossplay. That is, you can play with your friends even on different types of consoles. Until recently, this was unthinkable, but recently it has become more and more commonplace.

But as cool as it was, there was some misunderstanding surrounding the inclusion of crossplay in the game, especially considering how difficult the process was in the free demo. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then, but everyone who played the demo will easily figure it out.

In Outriders, after completing the prologue, players can play through the story and explore the world together. Once in the Gorge City, you can find several ways to play with friends or pick up random players. Crossplay allows you to ignore the console borders. PlayStation owners can play with Xbox players and vice versa. The same applies to the PC, but there are certain problems with it.

Crossplay settings

The first thing to keep in mind is that, as mentioned at the very beginning, the crossplay feature is disabled by default in Outriders. In other games, this is done so that console players can choose not to play with PC gamers if they wish.

Some people turn off crossplay to avoid playing with cheaters, and some consider playing on PC with a keyboard and mouse as an unfair advantage over a gamepad. However, in order to play with friends on other platforms, the player will first need to enable crossplay in the settings.

It’s actually quite simple. While playing, press Start, enter the pause menu, where you can view help materials, change the level of the world, or return to the lobby (on consoles, you need to press Start). Find an item there. “Settings”and the first tab will be the gameplay settings.

There are many different parameters, but now we are interested in the item “Enable Crossplay” – it is located at the bottom of the menu. Just select it and switch to On. It’s worth noting that crossplay is a beta feature.

Therefore, in Outriders, he is not at all as flawless as some hope. To play with friends on other platforms, press the button in the lobby or a special terminal in the game “Play with friends”. Find the section there. “Crossplay Codes” in the lower left corner. In order for other players to connect to your world, create your game code and share with them.

To connect to another world yourself, select “Join using code“. Recall that this feature works in beta mode, so players sometimes find bugs, in particular, disconnecting players on PC during crossplay. This is recognized by the developers themselves and reported at the launch of the game.

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