Guide Resident Evil Village: how to defeat Donna Benevento and Angie doll

Donna Benevento is perhaps the most mysterious person after Mother Miranda and the second of the four bosses that you have to fight in Resident Evil Village. Up until this point, most interaction with her has been through her puppets – most notably Angie – and even during the fight itself, that doesn’t change much.

The fight with Donna Benevento at the end of your stay in her estate looks quite unusual, at least compared to the battles with other bosses. Action and gunplay fade as Ethan’s hectic nightmare culminates in a macabre game of hide-and-seek.

Where to find Angie

At the beginning of the fight, Angie flies away to another part of the house, and you will need to find her three times. This is only made more difficult by the sheer number of puppets around you, which make the scene quite nightmarish.

As you probably already noticed, Angie is wearing a white wedding dress and remains motionless until you find her. The estate itself is also quite small, and you won’t have to look for your destination for long. But if you are too slow, other dolls will start attacking you, and the third attack will be fatal for the ethan.

First head to the guest room, up the stairs from the lobby, and grab Angie by pressing F (on PC). The second step to defeat Donna Benevento is to find Angie on the couch in the living room, on the left. The third and final time you will find her next to the elevator in the hallway next to the lobby.

When you grab her, Donna Benevento will be defeated. If you still need help getting through the game, take a look at the rest of our Resident Evil Village guides.

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