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Guide Resident Evil Village: where to find all the treasures

Once you get out of Dimitrescu Castle in Resident Evil Village, you will be free to explore a much larger part of the main village. Side quests are also revealed there. When you meet the Duke at the altar, you will find several treasure chest icons on the map.

In principle, it is not necessary to look for them – these are various jewelry, weapons and improvements for it, the search for which can brighten up the time between battles with the four owners of the village. But they all definitely deserve to be found, so we think it would be too frivolous to miss even one of them. It can be tricky, so here we’ll walk you through how to find each one.

In Resident Evil Village, you find yourself in a creepy village overrun by strange monsters. Lycans – creatures that look like werewolves – the least of the problems. There are vampires, ghouls, and creatures that don’t fit into any description at all. Therefore, you will need all the available firepower.

Treasure chests contain very powerful weapons – such as a grenade launcher and a revolver – and if you go too far, you will have to buy them. In addition, all treasures can be sold dearly. If you’re already itching to find out what all these treasure chests are hiding, then in this guide we will tell you how to find them all – and what lies in each of them.

Louise’s family heirloom

The necklace is in a box near the front door to Louise’s house, across the fallow field. Available after returning to the village. If you examine the necklace in your inventory, you will receive necklace stone.

Maestro Collection

Found in a locked house south of War Maiden. Returning to the village, shoot the lock on the gate. To get inside the house itself, you will need the violin maker’s key. It can be found in the garden house of Benevento Manor, in the save room.

The house has a closet with a combination lock. Code – 27-09-17. In the closet you will find a treasure “Steel Hresvelg” and modification “High Capacity Store” for rifle F2.

Moreau weapons cache

Found in the hills above the save room at the windmill on the way to the Reservoir. After defeating Moro, you can use the crank to open the way to the area where he conducted his experiments. Go around the locked room on top of the hill and crawl through the hole. There will be a chest with revolver “Wrestler”. Missing it is absolutely unforgivable!

Water wheel: weapons

After defeating Moro, return to the village. You will see a red gate open to the road south of War Maiden. There is a small house that can be opened with an iron key. In it lies GM 79 grenade launcher.

Treasure of Benevento

Located in the garden on the way to Benevento House. Only available after defeating Moro in the Reservoir. After that, go to the cemetery in the village and find the broken slab in the mausoleum on the left on the way to the Castle (it is now open). Use the slab on the grave in the flower garden, right next to the elevator.

Attention: A very difficult monster will appear. To kill him, you can use all your ammo. But you can just take the treasure and run away.

Treasure from the house by the river

After returning to the village after defeating Moro, use the handle on the drawbridge on the Lonely Road – next to the place for the ritual. Then take a motorboat towards the Castle and you will see the back door to the treasury.

A burning chandelier and three unlit lamps hang in it. To light two of them, you need to swing this chandelier. But the last lamp, in which the treasure is located, cannot be obtained. To solve this puzzle, lure out the enemy (a ghoul will appear after opening one of the rooms) and hit him with a burning lamp to set him on fire.

After that, lure the burning enemy to the unlit lamp at the far end of the corridor. Light the last fire! As a reward you will receive Golden statue of Mrs..

Cannibal Trophies

To the left of the stairs from the village to the fortress there is a small clearing of grass. If you go to the left, you will find Otto’s Mill.

The treasure is on the other side of this territory. And there is also a giant monster. You can fight him or just shoot the two locks on the red door. Aim by shooting at the castle above or the castle below. Inside you will find a lot of meat, ammo and a treasure box. Father Nikola’s Angel.

Treasure under the fortress

On the way out of the fortress, after defeating the strong Lycan boss, you will talk to Heisenberg. After that, go out along the corridor, and on the left you will see a mark with a chest. This is a very valuable gold plate – Guglielmo plate.

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