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Guide to Cuphead. Gameplay Basics

This platformer can not be called the most difficult in history, but for many the game causes a lot of problems. This guide will allow those who are just starting to dive into it to understand all the mechanics.

Briefly about the essence

The meaning of the game is to complete different levels. It seems that everything is simple and clear, but not quite. All this is complicated by various modes, a global map, a store, secrets, and so on.


Of course, you don’t need to talk about moving and jumping, you yourself know this. Much more interesting to consider a jerk. This ability is often used here, sometimes to overcome long distances, but more often to dodge.

Shooting gradually gives you cards, which are displayed to the right of the health bar. If you have one, then when you press the ability button, your character will do something special. This ability depends on the weapon you have chosen.

Parry is also an important part of the gameplay, although it is often optional. It allows not only to avoid damage, but also to get an additional card. However, not everything is so simple, only pink objects can be parried. To perform this action, you need to jump towards the target and press the jump button again.

The last one is the ult. It can only be activated if there are five cards. New types of this ability can be obtained in the Mausoleum. The only exceptions are the levels with the plane, in this mode, during the application of the ult, you become a bomb.


They are divided into four types.

Bay run

These stages are not much different from what you are used to seeing in platformers. You need to run, shoot at enemies and avoid traps. Don’t forget to parry pink items and stay vigilant, local opponents will bring quite a few surprises. You can also earn coins here.


Non-standard levels that occur only once per act. The whole point is to fend off various types of ghosts and prevent them from reaching the vase. Nothing complicated.


They take up most of the entire game. Battles with them are divided into several stages, each of them is unique and is likely to cause a lot of inconvenience. The key to victory is a good reaction and memorization of attacks.

Air bosses

The only difference from the previous type is that the main character is sitting on the plane. This slightly changes the set of attacks and the way of movement.


You will have to walk on them to select new levels. Please note that you will not be allowed further if you have not completed all the necessary steps. On the map you can also meet all sorts of characters, although they are of little use. You can also find secrets: workarounds and coins.


In this place you have to spend your money. For them, you can purchase upgrades and new types of attacks.

They can then be equipped in a separate menu. You can even choose an alternative way of shooting.

Tenacity and skill

Cuphead may seem complicated to you, but this statement is not completely true. You really often have to overcome difficulties, but that’s the whole point. Try, and then everything will work out.

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