Guide to Cuphead. Second zone. Carnival kerfuffle level

carnival Guide to Cuphead. Second zone. Carnival kerfuffle level

There are people in our world who don’t like clowns. If you do not consider yourself one of them, then this level has every chance to convince you.


Walk a little down from the previous stage. You will see a roller coaster, the level is there.


With equipment at this level, everything is pretty clear. Peashooter (standard attack), Spread, Smoke bomb and the first or second ult. With such an arsenal, your chances will increase one and a half times.


First phase

Here the clown has only one attack. He makes a sharp dash forward in his car and crashes into the opposite edge of the screen. It’s easy to jump over it. Especially if you took the Smoke bomb.

However, the task will be complicated by three types of ducks moving from above: ordinary ducks that drop lamps on you and pink ones. The first two types are better to shoot down in advance, but the third one should be parried. This is where a standard attack works best.

Second phase

At this stage, the clown himself will only look menacingly at you from above. The main problem will be the train. He will periodically appear from the right side of the screen, his approach can be seen in the background. First pair the “nose” and then just try to avoid the passengers. Although this, of course, is not the only problem.

Additional difficulties are created by flying dog heads. They are easy to deal with with Spread, and at the same time deal damage to the boss.

Third phase

The clown at this stage again loses weight, and at the same time saddles one of the two multi-colored donkeys. Green launches a pair of horseshoes along a sinusoid. Yellow launches them into the air, the horseshoes freeze for a while, and then fall, leaving a small safe zone. It would be easy to deal with all this if not for the train. Although, if it is not there, then the phase becomes insanely easy. It is enough just to stand under the donkey and shoot up.

Fourth phase

The final is very close, but the most difficult is ahead. Here the clown will turn into a huge carousel, and the train will speed up twice. The smartest option is to jump across platforms and use Spread.

The clown himself will also cause inconvenience. Penguins that throw balls can come out of his mouth, it’s better to kill them in advance, just don’t miss the appearance of the train.

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