Guide to Cuphead. Second zone. Level Pyramid railing

Egypt rarely appears in games. If you think that in 2017 only Assassin’s Creed Origins excelled in this, then you are mistaken.


As you already understood, this level is located in the second zone. It is not difficult to find it, the pyramid stands not far from the entrance.


Here you will again have to get into the plane, which means that the weapons do not play a big role. Grab some extra health and your first or second ult.


First phase

At this stage, the boss has four types of attack, all of which cause quite a lot of problems. The first is jewelry. In this case, a huge number of all kinds of decorations fly out of the genie’s chest, which often leave no room for maneuver. Don’t forget to parry the pink stones.

The second attack is knives. They alternately fly out of the chest in your direction and stop at the edge of the screen, and after a while they fly straight at the main character. Pink ones are also found among them.

The third is cats. In this case, sarcophagi will begin to appear from the chest, which are divided into two halves, and small homing bugs fly out of them. And all this must be avoided.

The last boss move hurts the least. The genie fires a large smoking skull at you during any other attack.

Second phase

At this stage, the genie will disappear from the screen, and obstacles become the main problem: large columns with layers that need to be broken (better done with bombs), and blades on sticks with a random trajectory of movement. Nothing complicated.

Third phase

This time the boss will again not honor you with his presence, he will be replaced by an alien from a huge sarcophagus. His attacks are ghosts that fly in your direction in a straight line, and small planets with rather interesting trajectories.

To succeed, it is enough to be in the upper right corner and drop bombs on the alien.

Fourth phase

And it’s not the final yet. At this stage, the genie will create a large mixture of Cuphead and Pinocchio, which shoots large enough projectiles from his finger, a good moment to score maximum points for the “parry” item.

Although, of course, the problems are not limited to this. Adding to the difficulty is the hat moving in your direction and sometimes releasing a lot of small objects around it.

Fifth phase

This is where you have to hustle. The genie will take up a fairly large part of the screen. The rest of the space is occupied by three rotating pyramids, one of them at a certain moment will release dark rays in all directions, which, of course, are better not to touch.

The boss himself will not mess around either. He will periodically release a beam, similar to what the carrot did in one of the very first levels.

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