Guide to Klee in Genshin Impact: build, weapons, artifacts, squad

kli Guide to Klee in Genshin Impact: build, weapons, artifacts, squad

Klee, also known as the Elusive Sun, is a playable five-star Pyro character in Genshin Impact who uses a catalyst as a weapon. In this guide, we will consider the optimal build of the heroine, the best artifacts and weapons, skills, constellation, pumping features and the recommended squad.

Strengths and weaknesses of Klee

In Genshin Impact Kli, according to the official tier-list, the rank S was assigned, that is, it is an average level of Dilyuk, Fish or Yang Fei. To deal with most opponents, her parameters are more than enough, but such terrible damage numbers as SS + rank heroes like Hu Tao, Raiden or Ayaka, Klee is unlikely to give out regardless of the build. For the passage of the most difficult floors of the Twisted Abyss is not the best option.

Klee is not suitable for a revolver build, in which the player is constantly switching between several heroes, so that the damage dealers take turns inflicting damage, squeezing out the maximum, including thanks to elemental reactions. The heroine must constantly be in the field and inflict damage on opponents. It works well in conjunction with sub DD or support characters whose elemental abilities or elemental explosions can cause damage over time – Fischl, Monoi, Xiang Ling, Zhong Li, Dione, Yae Miko, Kouki Shinobu and others.

Strengths of Klee:

  • Pyro damage in an area, which makes it easier to create elemental reactions with other elements.
  • Control over small opponents thanks to the explosion of mines.
  • Can mine ore and fish with a charged basic attack.
  • Makes it easier to collect curiosities in Mondstadt by marking them on the mini-map.
  • Dealt with large groups of enemies quickly.

Disadvantages of Kli:

  • The potential of the heroine is revealed only when the constellation is activated, which requires obtaining duplicates.
  • A short range of destruction, which implies constant movement and change of position.
  • Long skill animations, making it easier to knock Klee down. Especially noticeable in the absence of a shield.
  • The ult is only active while the character is in combat.
  • The composition of the group should be built around Klee, which limits the number of possible options.

Klee’s Talents

Klee's Talents


Throws three bombs in a row with a normal attack, dealing AoE Pyro-elemental damage. The third throw has a long animation (turnaround throw), so it is recommended not to use it for faster destruction of opponents. The charged attack deals fire damage in an area, costing some stamina. When attacking while falling while landing, the heroine deals Pyro damage in an area.

Jump-jump bomb

Elemental Skill. Klee hurls a powerful explosive that bounces off the surface three times and detonates. Fire damage is dealt with each splash across the area. After exploding, the thrown bomb shatters into several small mines. They detonate on contact with enemies or after a few seconds. The skill has two charges and allows you to throw up to three bombs with a short interval. The most effective tactic is to alternate two throws with the “Bang!” with one “Jump Bomb”, activating the ultimate ability as it charges.

Rumble and sparks

The ultimate skill of the heroine. For the duration of the ability, the character summons sparks and a roar that inflict Pyro damage in an area for several seconds. The effect ends when Kolya leaves combat.

Knock knock, who’s there?

When enemies receive damage from the skills “Bang!” and “Jump Bomb” the heroine has a 50% chance to get Explosive Spark. This effect is spent on your next charged attack, which costs no stamina and deals 50% more damage.

Sparks without borders

If Klee performs a Critical Hit while using a Charged Attack, all Heroes in the group gain 2 Energy. It works both in single player mode and in cooperative trials.

Treasures everywhere!

Being a member of the group, the heroine marks Mondstadt curiosities on the mini-map. The skill also works if the heroine is not active.

Constellation Kli

Constellation Kli

To activate each star in the constellation, you will need Kli’s Luck – an item that drops during prayer if you get a double of the heroine. To get Kli C6 (that is, with six activated stars), you need to pray it seven times.

chain reactions

Each attack has a chance to deal additional damage equal to 120% of Rumble and Sparks damage.

fragmentation mines

Explosives left behind by Jump Bomb skill reduces the defense of enemies that stumble upon it by 23% for 10 seconds.

Signature Ingredient

Raises the level of the Leap Bomb ability by three points, up to a maximum of 15.


If Klee leaves the fight while Rumble and Sparks is active, a detonation will occur, dealing Fire AOE damage equal to 555% of the character’s attack level.


Increases the level of the Rumble and Sparks talent by three points, up to a maximum of level 15.

fiery delight

While Rumble and Sparks is active, 3 energy is restored to all other party members every 3 seconds. Activating the skill increases the Pyro damage of all heroes by 10% for 25 seconds.

The best weapon for Klee

For this heroine, the following catalysts are best suited:

  • Prayer to the holy winds. Five star weapon. The best option for Kli. An additional characteristic is an increase in the hero’s attack power. The passive ability increases the running speed of the hero using this catalyst by 10% and grants a bonus to elemental damage every four seconds, stacking up to four times. If the character leaves combat, the effect is cancelled.
  • Sky atlas. Five star catalyst. The variant is slightly worse, which is partly offset by the high base damage (674 versus 608 for the previous one). An additional characteristic is an increase in attack. Passive increases the elemental damage bonus. Hitting an enemy with a basic attack has a chance to spawn Blessing of the Clouds, dealing additional damage over 15 seconds.
  • Song of the Wanderer. One of the best four-star catalyst options. It is easy to get as an additional drop during prayers for characters and weapons. An additional stat increases the critical damage of the heroine. Passive when switching to Klee every 30 seconds gives various random buffs: increases attack power, elemental damage or elemental mastery.
  • Marine atlas. Crafted at a blacksmith if you have a catalyst blank, which is randomly dropped from weekly bosses – the dragon Dwalin, the wolf lord Lupus Borealis, Tartaglia, Signora and others. An additional characteristic increases the mastery of the character’s elements. Passive skill for 10 seconds after the appearance of the elemental reaction gives a bonus elemental damage, stacking up to two times.
  • Solar pearl. An item that is easy to obtain when purchasing the Battle Pass at level 30. An additional ability increases the chance to deal critical damage. Passive when hitting an enemy with a normal attack increases the damage from the elemental skill and ultimate ability, and vice versa. The effect lasts for six seconds.

Artifacts on Klee

Since this is a Pyro character, the optimal set for Klee is Burning Scarlet Witch. Two items increase Pyro damage by 15%, four items increase the duration of the Burn and Reload statuses, as well as the damage from the Melt and Steam reactions. Alternatively, you can use only two items from this set, plus two from the set that increases attack by 18% – Gladiator’s End, Shimenawa’s Memories, Cinnabar Grave, Offering Echoes, or any other.

With the help of the main parameters and sub-parameters of the artifacts, the heroine, first of all, should increase the “white” attack, the percentage of the attack, the chance of crit and the power of critical damage.

Leveling Klee

To fully upgrade the heroine to level 90, the following resources are needed:

Resources to increase the level of Kli

  • Filanemo mushroom – grows in Mondstadt and Springvale on the walls and roofs of buildings. The search is facilitated by Kli’s passive skill “Treasures Everywhere!”.
  • Hero experience. Can be obtained for completing various tasks and when farming Arteries of the Earth: Flowers of Illumination (blue balls on the world map).
  • Parts of agate agnidus. Dropped by world bosses.
  • Scrolls are a drop from Shamachurls.
  • Flaming Seed is a drop from the Pyro Orchid boss in Li Yue.

pyro orchid

To upgrade three active talents to level 10, you will need:

Resources for upgrading Kli's talents

  • Treatises on Freedom – Dropped on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays in the Forgotten Canyon dungeon in Monstadt.
  • Crown of Insight – can be obtained as a reward for active participation in a number of events that are held regularly. The item is quite rare and is only needed to upgrade a talent from level 9 to level 10. It’s okay if these items are not there and you only upgrade the heroine’s talents to level 9.
  • Ring of the Boreas is a drop from the weekly boss Lupus Borealis. With the help of alchemy, Boreas Ring can be converted into other items dropped from this boss – Boreas Tail and Boreas Box.

Lupus Borealis

Squad for Klee

Best Companions for Klee:

  • Mona. Five-star Hydro character, support. The heroine’s elemental skill creates a phantom that taunts opponents, luring them and summoning them into one pile, and also deals Hydro damage and hangs the Wet status. Klee’s Pyro damage triggers a Steam reaction that deals additional damage.
  • Xing Qiu. Four star replacement for Mona, support. Quickly able to impose the Wet status on opponents. Not picky about equipment. Decent attack for a support.
  • Bennet. Four-star Pyro support. Two Pyro Heroes in a group grant a Burning Fire Resonance, increasing the attack of all characters by 25%. With the ultimate skill, heals allies if their health is less than 70%, or increases the damage dealt.
  • Venti. Five-star Anemo sub DD. An elemental explosion creates a whirlwind that ignites under the effect of Klee’s Pyro skills. Pulls in enemies and mines left by Klee, dealing additional damage to them.
  • Genie. A five-star Anemo support character. With an elemental skill, he can pile up the mines left by the Klee and throw them at the enemy, or throw them at the mines of a small enemy. Knocks down mitachurls that can be finished off by Klee. Heals squad members.
  • Kazuha. A five-star Anemo support character. With an elemental skill, it can pull Klee mines and small opponents into a pile. The ult deals strong Anemo AoE damage, which can be boosted by Pyro’s element if Klee sets something on fire.

The optimal composition of the group:

  • Klee, Mona, Venti, Bennet.
  • Kli, Xing Qiu, Bennett, Kazuha.
  • Klee, Mona, Venty, Genie.

In the latter case, the Anemo resonance of the heroes “Nimble Wind” is activated, reducing the stamina consumption by 15% and the cooldown of skills by 5%, and also increasing the movement speed of the heroes by 10%.


Overall, at the time of writing this guide, Klee is not the most effective heroine in terms of dealing damage, but definitely one of the cutest and funniest. To master the main content of Genshin Impact, its parameters are quite enough. When exploring Mondstadt, this is an indispensable character that will help you find all the curiosities, otherwise you simply may not notice many of them. These items will definitely come in handy in the future for pumping other heroes.

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