Guide Watch Dogs: Legion: where to find spies

Spies are very valuable operatives who will definitely become the decoration of your team in Watch Dogs: Legion. However, many are wondering where to go to find a spy, and how to add a stealth operative to your team. That’s what you’ll talk about in this guide.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, the main task is to free London, which is occupied by an authoritarian regime that has taken control of the UK thanks to an advanced surveillance system known as ctOS. This will require a lot of effort, which is directly related to the recruitment of the detachment. That is why knowing the location of the spies will certainly help, since this operative is very valuable for any team.

One of the guaranteed ways to recruit a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion is to change the status of the Westminster Borough from Oppressed to Defiant. Thus, with the complete release of Westminster, a task called “Like a clock” will open. To unlock the spy, you need to activate the computer, which is located on the top floor of Big Ben.

Another good location to check out is the MI6 building in the western part of the Lambeth district. As cunning and nimble as the spies are, this is, after all, their home.

It’s also worth checking out the SIRS intelligence agency, the Bloom Corporation, and other government buildings. In addition, when exploring London, you should be very careful, because the spy can be found on the street. However, we note that the probability of finding this type of operative by chance is much lower than in the case of other recruits.

So what makes spies so cool and why should you go looking for them? Well, they are equipped silenced pistolallowing you to quickly deal with almost any enemy, hoursthe activation of which blocks the firearms of all nearby enemies, and unique spy retro carwhich fires rockets from its headlights and is equipped with a digital masking function to avoid chases.

As you can see, the Spy is a pretty versatile addition to your team. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you want to recruit someone from the street, you will have to complete some kind of mission in any case in order for them to join the squad.

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