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Gun Fungus is a great roguelike for Android

Gun Fungus is still in early access. It can be downloaded via Tap Tapand if you are a fan of roguelikes and platformers, then the game is worth a try.

Gun Fungus is a mobile game that has not been available for download through the App Store and Google Play since 2021 (at least in Russia). She is attracts with easy control: button to jump on the right, “mushroom” to move to the left, and our hero shoots himself. The last point is inconvenient at the start – the character aims across the entire map, changing his target according to the formula “whoever is closer, I will beat him” and wasting cartridges; over time you get used to it.

This NPC gives 1 random upgrade out of 2 to choose from. Often this is a heal or an increase in maximum health.

Yes, since Gun Fungus is made in the roguelike genre, then your task is survive 30 levels, dealing with mobs and bosses. Failed – start over, although the game gives experience and gold as a reward. There are also loot boxes, through which equipment of various rarities drops out and materials for improving guns and the hero himself; just for gold they will not improve almost anything, well, except for constant improvements.

When choosing buffs, focus on survivability (vampirism, maximum health) and constant damage (fast reload, through and bouncing bullets, increased ammo magazine).

Gun Fungus has no obvious shortcomings – no online elements have been added to the game (at least after a couple of races they are gone), you quickly get used to the controls, plus nice graphics and clear gameplay. Your victory is built on the constant improvement of the hero, because without good equipment and buffs you will not even be able to pass the first biome.

A little hint – if it takes more than 30 seconds to complete the level or the boss takes almost no damage from you, then it’s bad. Level up your profile, complete daily tasks and save up for new heroes.

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