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In this article, we will analyze one of the most popular and strong decks in the meta at the moment (game version –, “Emhyra on spies.” The deck is Tier 1.

This deck is the most stable in the game, spinning until the last card. Due to this, we always get a “winning combination” in the 3rd round. The disadvantage of this deck is that it is too linear and predictable, and the opponent immediately understands what he is playing against.

deck core

The core of the deck is represented by the cards shown in the screenshot. We throw “emissaries” (spies) to the enemy on the field, they, in turn, give 2 bronze cards to choose from. Thus, you scroll through your deck and put units on the table.

The main bronze is the “emperor” brigade and the “emperor” fighters. The “brigade”, in turn, increases by 2 units of strength for each spy on the enemy field, and the “fighters” shoot by 2 units for each spy. Be sure to count how many shots there will be and kill one emissary with the last shot in order to resurrect him as a medic on the next turn from the enemy’s discard pile, and then spin the deck with the remaining units.

Keallah is needed for the same purpose – scrolling the deck.
The leader is mainly used, just the same on Keallah. Those. move as a leader, take Keallah, use it and return it back to your hand.

The infiltrator marks units as “spies”. One scout must be left for round 3 for Manno.

Winning Combination

Dedicated cards are strictly required to win round 3, 2 non-dedicated cards can be spent in the second or long 1 round, but they should also be left for round 3.

Manno Koehoorn will kill the target that you mark with the Infiltrator, so mark the strongest unit on the enemy field.

Vilgeforts, after the destruction of a friendly detachment, plays us the top card of the deck. In addition, you can destroy a strong enemy unit, but then the enemy will take a bronze card, so play it at the very end (the enemy may not have bronze left, and he will not take a card).

Vilgefortz is a good control (against Villentretenmert), use it wisely.

Iris. In fact, the card that wins the game for us, and opponents often do not win back from it. We expose from 5 units on the field, after that we put Iris and try to kill her: either by the fighters of the “emperor” (if he was called by Joachim), or by the “Nausicaa” brigade. In extreme cases, Vilgefortz or Menno. We play it with the penultimate card. After she is killed, your 5 random units will increase by 5 points of strength, which is a lot.

Tactical cards

Since the deck is spinning to “zero” and the required bronze simply won’t remain in the deck, we need Assire Var Anagyd. She resurrects up to 2 cards from the discard pile (Silver and Bronze). You will be able to return the necessary cards for round 3 and take them with the help of Vilgefortz, Keallah or Joachim. It all depends on the cards you have in your hand.

The muzzle is excellent control. For example, against the same mirror games. It moves a Bronze or Silver card of no more than 8 points of power from the side of the opponent’s field to your field.

In principle, these cards + roach + dawn, you can replace them with others.

Tactics for the first round

You need to scroll through the deck with the help of “emissaries” while exposing bronze units. On the table you will just have a lot of power, and the enemy will most likely give you 1 round. If the enemy kills the “emperor” fighters, then problems with further scrolling may begin, since there will be no one to kill the “emissaries”, and, therefore, the doctors will become useless, because it is not comme il faut to resurrect enemy units.

Tactics for the second round

When you win the first round, in the second round, we need to spin our deck, leave all the important cards for the 3rd round, go Cantarella (a spy who walks on the opponent’s field and gives you a card) and pass.
If you lost the first round, then do the same, and if the opponent plays the second round, try not to give away the strongest cards (Menno and Scout), leave them until the last one.


The ideal hand should look something like this: you should have a medic (preferably 2), emissaries or the same Keallah, and as much gold and silver as possible. We definitely do not need in the hand: the fighters of the “emperor” and the brigades of the “emperor”, therefore we replace them.

Game example

Start of round 3. As you can see, I still have all the important cards in my hand, but the deck is not rotated to “zero”. This is what I’m going to do next – scrolling the deck.

At first I went with Keallah, then I burned it with Vilgefortz – I got a detachment, and resurrected roach and Nausica with Assire. Marked a rider with 14 strength as an infiltrator and killed him by Manno.

I put Iris, he walks with the last card and after I start walking with Joachim, the opponent surrenders. As you can see, I still have “brigade” and “Nauzikaa” in my deck. In such a situation, I would kill Iris anyway and take the round, but the opponent preferred not to see it.

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