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Gylt download torrent For PC

Gylt download torrent

If you are familiar with such games as RiME and Deadlight, then urgently write a Gylt request to download the torrent in the search engine, because the Tequila Works studio was able to present their new masterpiece with the help of the Google stream. So, let’s not beat around the bush, it’s better to start with what the game carries. The developers have tried to make it as convenient as possible, so the game is played from a third person. We can already say that the game is designed in the style of horror, so it’s better for those who are especially impressionable to save their nerves. However, it is worth noting that this is not just a horror game, it includes some puzzle pieces. So, in addition to fear and some excitement, players will have to think and turn on the logic in many moments. In the story there is a character – a girl named Sally, who lost her cousin Emily. Of course, according to the scenario, the cousin disappeared not by chance, so Sally undertakes to unravel this puzzle, meeting various creatures along the way. In some ways, this game is somewhat embellished and exaggerated, which was noted by the developers themselves. The world itself, which the developers created, will not be joyful and colorful, since it is based on a very melancholy and sad story.

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