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Half-Life Blue Shift download torrent

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Half-Life Blue Shift download torrent of the original shooter, released back in 2001. Valve developed and released this add-on for all fans of the classic “Halva” who, at that time, were tired of waiting for a full-scale game. In the new update, you will see a completely unique narrative story, plot, missions, characters and enemy units. The game is small, dynamic, but the quests are enough to satisfy your needs and enjoy the shooter.

Story line

Events are developing in the secret laboratory of Black Mesa, from where the famous participant in the original Half-Life games, Gordon Freeman, came from. But here you will play for a completely different person – Barney Calhoun. This is the main character of this add-on, working as a security guard on the same Black Mesa. Actions begin with the capture of this secret laboratory by alien troops. Almost the entire crew and all the scientists died, but Barney Calhoun survived and is now trying to find a way out and get out in order to escape. The HECU squad, along with the aliens, attacked Black Mesa in order to capture all of humanity and enslave it, destroying most of it. Interestingly, at some points Gordon Freeman himself will help you. But the rest of the time you will act on your own or with the help of other, completely new characters. In total, there are 8 chapters in the game and this is a pretty decent indicator for an add-on. Although the action movie is still passed quickly enough. And this is despite the numerous quests and mini-missions. Calhoun will operate not only on the territory of Black Mesa, but also in its environs and other territories, where it will soon get out. The alien threat is quite dangerous and serious, so rather take up arms and start fighting. Teleports are often used in the game, thanks to which the protagonist can move freely in time and escape from many attacks. In addition to the famous Gordon Freeman, you can also meet Gina Cross, who is the GG of another great addition to Decay. Also. you can also meet G-man, but only by a lucky chance. He won’t interfere in Barney Calhoun’s business. The storyline here, although short, is completely finished. And it was worth learning from other additions. Download the Half-Life Blue Shift torrent if you want to spice up your day a bit.

Game process

The player will have to control a completely new hero named Barney, who will escape from the alien attack. Interestingly, Calhoun was not given any armor, nor a decent weapon, nor Gordon’s protective suit. He has nothing of the kind, which means it will be even harder for him to fight. But you can find a variety of weapons and equipment in locations and secret areas located outside of Black Mesa. The standard body armor of the guard will also have to be replenished. Its level is often depleted, so the remnants of armor from the dead bodies of opponents lying on the floor can be picked up and used for your own purposes. This is a kind of analogue of the batteries scattered in the original parts of the shooter. The game contains new cards that you will not find anywhere else. The same goes for some characters.

Features of Half-Life Blue Shift

  • original addition;
  • new characters, locations, weapons;
  • equipment modification;
  • many territories;
  • additional quests;
  • dynamic passage;
  • cut some equipment.

Download the Half-Life Blue Shift torrent and play the shortest game in the series.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Win10
  • Processor: AMD/Intel 1 GHz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Video Card: Direct X 9.0+ Capable GPU with 64 MB VRAM
  • Hard disk space: 500 Mb


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