Halo 3 Download Torrent For PC

halo 3 download torrent For PC Halo 3 Download Torrent For PC

Halo 3 download torrent

Halo 3 download torrent is a great sci-fi game with an interesting plot and unforgettable storytelling. This is a first-person camera shooter with a lot of military battles and excellent multiplayer. The game was released as a continuation of the previous part, which has become one of the best in the entire series. This was stated not only by gamers and fans of the franchise, but also by numerous critics. Reviews and ratings are quite positive. Everyone praises the script and the big picture, as well as the dynamic narrative.

Story line

Events unfold immediately after the end of the second part. Here again you will have to enter into an intergalactic conflict between people and an alliance of aliens. The plot tells about the 26th century, when aliens attacked the Earth. Mankind will have to defend their homeland and destroy the enemies who have carried out a cunning plan to capture the Earth. The protagonist is the well-known Master Chief, who is the last living soldier left. As we remember, he was introduced in the second part of the series, when his entire squad was killed. Now he will avenge not only for all of humanity, but also for his boyfriend, whom he lost. The protagonist is a genetically modified character, with an implanted chip and superhuman equipment. You use a super-technological weapon that can adequately resist opponents. At the end of the second part, the Chief flew to Earth and barely escaped the alien alliance. Now you must destroy them and eradicate them once and for all from the face of the Earth by sending them to your ball. The game involves a lot of weapons, equipment that you will use. Pick up alien weapons and fight them on equal terms. Don’t let them take over the Earth. You are the only hope of all mankind. The balance has changed a little, it has become easier to play. So the passage will not be difficult for you. In addition to the classic missions, there are additional ones. These are mini-quests designed to destroy separate groups of aliens that you would not kill in the storyline. But this is an extra earning of experience points and character development. Download the Halo 3 torrent before it’s too late and at least someone else remembers the game.

Size: 38.14 GB | Seeds: 499 Lychees: 38

Game process

There are a lot of weapons here. To the already existing from the previous parts, a completely new one was added. It’s the same with equipment. It is unique here, advanced, in principle, like everything in the game plan. A couple of modes have been added to the multiplayer game. Players have access to new weapons, vehicles, gear, gadgets, and more. Take part in intergalactic battles not only alone, but also with friends, defeating them in different fields, or playing with them together. Infection mode is one of the most interesting online. You play as either infected or healthy. The message of each is clear. The leper must infect the healthy, and the latter must save himself and destroy the infected. There is also a VIP mode, where one leader is given for each team. And all the other members of the “team” must protect him, while others must kill him. Whoever destroys it first wins. Of course, there is the usual deathmatch mode or team-on-team play. You can record your game and put it on the Internet.

Features of Halo 3

  • chic level design;
  • many locations;
  • poor filling of cards;
  • shooter with a minimum of special effects;
  • interesting battles;
  • large-scale battles;
  • online martial arts;
  • permanent contractions;
  • new weapons, equipment;
  • captivating setting.

Download the Halo 3 torrent and invite as many friends as you can for online skirmishes.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 x64
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 960T Intel i3550 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: AMD HD 6850; NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or better
  • DirectX: 11
  • Disk space: up to 77 GB


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