Harry Potter: Magic Awakened fulfills the dreams of Harry Potter fans

If you’ve always dreamed of walking down Diagon Alley, meeting Ollivander and Hagrid, and visiting Hogwarts, then Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will make those dreams come true. We have played and are in a hurry to share our opinion.

Publisher NetEase Games has released the best Harry Potter mobile game, Magic Awakened. It has everything: a plot, beautiful and “bookish” graphics, familiar characters and relative freedom. First, we create a future freshman and go with Hagrid to Diagon Alley. Already there you can run, albeit on assignments, one of which is to buy a wand from Ollivander.

In addition to Chinese subtitles, the game has English localization, including voice acting. We also made a translation of the opening screensavers. As for the events of the game, they probably take place after Harry began his studies at Hogwarts. This is hinted at by one meeting at the train station, when our hero is looking for the platform “nine and three quarters.”

Most of the time we will be attending classes and learning new spells. In the classroom, professors talk about events familiar from books and films. Like when Harry and Ron were fighting a troll. The battles are card-based, so although our character and enemy are three-dimensional, our task is to use cards and monitor mana. These battles have a timer, which affects the rating and rewards.

Yes, to get stronger, you need to “knock out” the legendary cards. Nevertheless, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened should be tried by all fans of the universe. You can find out how to play the game today in our instructions.

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