Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How fortresses function and are they worth visiting

Strongholds in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are places where you can take part in magical trials alone or with your friends. They give experience points and material prizes. A total of five players can participate in battles at the same time.

Magic Challenges also allow you to use Runestones, which you get in various categories in the roster.

What are fortresses and magical trials in Harry Potter?

A fortress with active players inside.

Strongholds are large castles with red roofs that can be found on the map. Each of them has a certain number of chambers in which magical tests are performed. Initially, you will only have access to one room in each fortress, but completing quests will open up access to more and more demanding locations and challenges.

Magic Trials is a series of battles set in time. Information regarding the number of enemies to be defeated and the time allowed for this are located at the top of the arena screen. If you defeat your opponents before the time runs out, you will be rewarded, otherwise you will leave empty-handed and lost magical energy.

You can enter the fortress with other players. Also, keep in mind that the following challenges will make more and more demands on the player, so you should always measure your strengths and remember to take care of magical energy.

Sometimes you can find a fortress with a green glow. This means that the magic call is only inside. If you join it and help the players who take part in it, you will be rewarded with team support experience.

It is worth trying to complete magic challenges every day, because they are part of the daily tasks. Filling them up provides gold or the game’s internal currency.

What runes do Harry Potter combine?

Before you can start completing magical trials, you must first obtain Runestones.

Rewards for promotion to a higher level of this category in the registry.

Runes are earned to advance to a higher level in a given roster category or to rank challenges. This category and the stones you get for promotion are interconnected. For example, if you are promoted to the Ministry of Magic category, you will receive a runestone associated with the Ministry of Magic. The higher the level of the runes, the greater the reward associated with the category in the registry.

After reaching the fortress and choosing the room where the test will take place, you must choose the correct runestone that you want to use.

The level of runes (runestones) determines the difficulty level of the enemies, and the category is related to the reward you can potentially receive. For example, a tier 4 rune in the area of ​​Mysterious Artifacts will be more of a challenge than a tier 1 rune. If you complete the challenge, you will also receive a reward that belongs to the category of Mysterious Artifacts (the higher, the harder it is for you to complete).

What are the requirements related to fortresses and magical summons?

When you reach the fortress, you must choose a room and a rune. If other players meet the requirements for this room, you will be able to enter it together.

After a while, you will be taken to a special lobby in which up to four additional players can take part. However, they must do so before the end of the countdown.

On the left is the Magic Trials lobby. On the right is the place of fights in magical trials.

If other players join the game, you will be able to see their profession and the runes they have chosen. Ideally, team members have different professions, which allows them to fight more effectively against different types of opponents.

Next to the timer, you will also find information about the difficulty of the upcoming challenge, which depends on the chosen camera and runestone. The difficulty level increases as more players join the game. It is also worth knowing that the more difficult the task, the more time it takes to complete it.

In addition, the unlocking of subsequent rooms is related to the player’s level:

  • Player Level 1: Ward 1-2

  • Player Level 2: Room 3-4

  • Player Level 3: Room 5-6

  • Player Level 4: Room 7-8

  • Player Level 5: Room 9-10

  • Player Level 6: Room 11-12

  • Player Level 7: Room 13-14

  • Player Level 8: Room 15-16

  • Player Level 9: Room 17-18

  • Player Level 10: Room 19-20

Currently, the highest level of the camera is 20, and to get to it, the character must be at least level 10 and complete all other challenges.

As for the time limit, it increases with the opening of new tasks. Every three new rooms are extended by 60 seconds. The maximum time is 10 minutes (600 seconds) and is reached after reaching room 16.

You should also be aware that promotions also extend the knockout time, i.e. the break in the fight, if the opponent defeats the player. To start the fight again, you need to wait a certain amount of time, and each subsequent extension extends it by 2 seconds. This means that if you lose yourself in a room, you will have to wait 68 seconds.

If you suddenly decide to change the runes, leave the lobby before the end of the countdown. Don’t do this during the trial because you will lose the runestone forever.

After the start of the magical test, a standard battle with various enemies will begin. The rules regarding the conduct of fights are described in another part of the manual.

What are the rewards in magical trials and fortresses?

After the test of fortress and magic is completed, you will receive various rewards. These include:

Upon completing the Wizard’s Fortress Challenges, you will receive various rewards, including:

An example of the reward you can receive for completing a magical quest.

  • Fragments of books

  • Possibility to get a fragment of the registry (related to the type of runes – if you chose, for example, Mysterious artifacts, then you have a chance to find a fragment in this area).

  • Experience points (250 base points and 10 points for each subsequent floor).

  • Additional experience points (+10% points for each additional player and points associated with certain categories in the roster).


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