Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Secret Locations

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Portkeys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are known from the Pokemon game. By opening them, the player moves to new secret locations known from the Harry Potter universe. You can find items and valuable prizes in them.

Below we present information regarding portkeys and special keys that allow you to open secret passages.

How to get Portkeys and Gold and Silver Keys

We usually find them in open spaces. They appear on the map in the same way as other components. These items resemble a box with a gabled roof. Just click on it to add it to your inventory. However, be aware that the number of portistouches transferred is limited, and if you have too many, you won’t be able to get more.

Portkey icon on the map.

Golden keys are essential items that you always have in your inventory, while silver must be mined. How? Using the store located in the game or completing certain tasks (sometimes we can get them, for example, as a reward for character promotion).

We recommend using a gold key for portkeys located 2 kilometers from the player, and a silver one for distances of 5, 10 kilometers. In this way, you will reduce the costs associated with the use of silver keys.

You can also consider drinking Baruffio’s Mind Elixir before activating Portkey. In new places, you gain a lot of experience, and thanks to this drink, you can double this amount.

How to unlock portkeys with gold and silver keys

Portkey Portmantaus are similar to Pokemon Go Eggs – boxes that offer hidden rewards that have a certain distance.

Whistling boxes resemble closed boxes offering secret rewards that can only be discovered after a certain distance. Whistles appear in three variants and are randomly generated on the map:

Precious Portkey (Priz) Portkey – 2 km

Precious Portkey – 5 km

Parental (Paramount) portkey – 10 km

Once you have found the portkey, you need to open it. To do this, use the menu and select the “Spikes” option in the lower right corner (shoe icon). Select the whistle, then open it with the gold or silver key, then move the required distance to open it.

After that, Portkey will appear on the screen. After passing through the portal, you will be taken to a new place where you can collect valuable items and experience points.


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