Hearthstone – tips for beginners

After downloading Hearthstone and completing the required tutorial missions, we need to get familiar with the basic mechanics and some tricks of the game.

Probably, you immediately pay attention to the rating game, but are afraid to enter this mode. Well, we will please you, only victories are recorded in the statistics, and the rating itself will not fall below level 25 (the highest level is 1).

Need more gold

After passing the initial bosses, you will see that you were not offended by gold, and you can immediately go and buy your first word in the store. Gold can be replenished in three ways: completing daily tasks, exchanging real currency for in-game currency, and achievements.

Here are all the achievements and their rewards:

  • “Break them all.” For the victory of all bosses at the Expert level, we receive a reward of 100 gold.
  • “Know the Basics” Having collected all the cards of the basic set, we get 100 gold.
  • “A great victory”. But after winning 100 matches in any mode, the reward will be a significant 300 gold.
  • “Overwhelming Advantage” 300 gold is also awarded for winning 1000 matches in any mode.
  • “One for each!” Having collected all the cards of the Expert set, we get 100 gold.
  • Readiness number one! Well, for the discovery of all the heroes, we get the traditional 100 gold.

If you do not want to spend your real money, then daily tasks will become your necessary income in the game. We strongly recommend that you do not complete tasks for 40 gold. By clicking on the cross, you will receive a new task, possibly more profitable.

Newbie deck

The most effective and victorious deck does not exist, one way or another, there will be combinations of cards that will not let you live in peace. From this we can conclude that you will not always be able to win, even if you have a strong deck.

Hearthstone - hearthstone

Having accumulated or bought a few packs for real money, you can already go from standard variations to more advanced ones. Here it is worth walking around the sites designed to show relevant combinations and methods. You can read the forums and listen to the advice of experienced players. In this way, you will begin to understand the basic mechanics of the game.

When you have a lot of victories, you can understand the main archetypes, such as control warrior, ramp druid, aggro paladin. For a beginner, these words are just terrible, but don’t worry, once you get used to the mechanics of the game, you will start to explore new styles of play with interest.

Important tip: many inexperienced players have a habit of adding too many cards of the same category or mana pool. Sometimes you can see an opponent with 6 taunt cards or a magician who consists of only spells. Having accumulated a sufficient number of cards, having studied effective combinations on third-party resources, gradually understanding the archetypes, and, most importantly, practicing, you become an experienced player.

Hearthstone - hearthstone

A little about the arena

If you do not know the main connections and useful cards from the character presented in the arena (3 characters are randomly generated, one of which must be selected for the game), then enter it early. Because the payback of the arena is in the region of 6 wins, and in order to get a plus, you need 7-8 wins. At the same time, you are given 3 attempts, but this number of attempts does not mean anything – they will quickly evaporate if you do not know how to pick up cards in the arena.

Hearthstone - hearthstone

After choosing one of the three heroes, you get 3 random cards to choose from. By choosing one card from three, you gradually form a deck. It is very good if you have knowledge of all the cards – this will help.

The main rule of the arena is to follow the curve of obsession, which rises from the cards of the first rank upwards to the cards of ranks 3-4, and gradually falls down. It turns out like a pyramid, the top of which is located on maps of levels 3-4. Thus, beginners do not overload their decks with very weak creatures that will die after the first clear, or, conversely, too strong creatures that will not have enough mana pool at the beginning of the game.


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