Hearthstone: What to expect from the Mercenaries and when will they appear?

Blizzard is promising to add a new Mercenary mode that will be unlike any other Hearthstone adventure. It’s a fusion of genres like RPG and roguelike. Also, in addition to the heroes of Azeroth, Diablo himself will appear in this CCG.

In the “Mercenaries” mode, gamers will act as the leader of the mercenaries. They will go through levels that are made in the style of Slay the Spire. The cards still have attack and health, but they will have unique abilities and equipment. By the way, the armor and the mercenaries themselves can be pumped, they will even change their avatar. For example, Arthas can transform into the Lich King (but that’s probably for goodies). For pumping, we need coins that we receive for completing tasks and winning. Instead of “face”, we work only on targets on the battlefield. First, we take the mercenaries out onto the field, then they fight the mobs. The entire squad is in the tavern, which we will develop.

  • Defenders – these are tanks with huge HP, although they can do enough damage
  • Fighters – do a lot of damage
  • Casters – magicians and healers who throw buffs at allies and deal damage to enemies
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They can do twice as much damage on the rock-paper-scissors system in the following order: defenders> fighters> casters; and so on in a circle. Characters of the same element can combine their attacks to tear the enemy apart.


The PvE mode is represented by traveling across different “maps”, which are just like Slay the Spire. If you lose a mercenary, it will be more difficult to reach the end. For a victory, all units receive experience, and one of them even an ability or armor. Sometimes, instead of fighting, we can find a place to heal or even resurrect a mob. In the end, a boss awaits, with whom only the best of the best can cope.

If you manage to win, a chest with cool rewards will open. By the way, maps are randomly generated. And yes, after upgrading the travel point, heroic difficulty opens, where there are more enemies, but also a higher reward.


In a special pit, players will place mercenaries and decide who is the best. One team can have six units. Progress in PvE is directly related to success in PvP. For victories, more points are given for pumping mercenaries, and you also rise in the leaderboard.

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Pre-order Mercenaries for Hearthstone

Hearthstone What to expect from the Mercenaries and when will Hearthstone: What to expect from the Mercenaries and when will they appear?

You can pre-order the “Mercenaries” by link… There are three packages to choose from, each with its own unique mercenary:

  • Mercenary package “Diablo” – 2 799 rubles.
  • Mercenary package “The Lich King” – 2 799 rubles.
  • Mercenary package “Sylvanas” – 1,649 rubles.

The release of the new regime will take place on October 12th.

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