Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 download torrent For PC

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 download torrent

Seeds: 706 Piers: 27 | Size: 1.05 GB

Did you miss the annoying uncle who methodically kicked you out of the house? So, you will appreciate the brand new arcade project, where you will appear as the main participant, who must constantly get the person living in the neighborhood, inventing endless traps and setups for him. This time in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 you can fully check out all the distinguishing features of your opponent, explore all the premises to lay out traps as the next step, download via torrent now if you can’t wait to get started. Harming and teasing your opponent is the main and primary task. The toy is equipped with brand new puzzles to be solved during the passage. But now your antagonist will respond with lightning speed to the tricks you have invented. He had an extraordinary ability to predict various game incidents. All key points, and more specifically the storyline, will be discussed later in the review. I hope you are ready to enrage the importunate man to the fullest.


Now you have a chance to pester a sticky man not in a big city, but in a small outback. You need to sneak into rooms equipped with various unusual traps. You develop and install them yourself. And he, in contrast to this, needs to catch you in a quandary. But if, by negligence, you fall into the eyes of our villain, then you definitely can’t avoid trouble. If this happens, you can leave your suitcases and sail home. It will be quite difficult to bring a man to Hello Neighbor Alpha 4, you, as a participant, must show not only ingenuity, but also the ability to think creatively, download via torrent and show what you are capable of. Difficult and exciting missions await you in this add-on. Forcing a neighbor to leave the square is difficult enough, but only you can show how you can take revenge on the enemy so that he packs his things without talking and leaves forever. I wish you good luck in this difficult task!


Directly in this part, your character will be filled with memories from the distant past. Things scattered on the floor of the little room will give you specific benefits. The seriousness of your enemy will be positively displayed, then you will certainly be able to install the maximum number of traps in the main opponent’s area of ​​u200bu200bresidence. But in order to fully go through the entire gameplay, you need to spend time researching all the habits of the asshole. Find and look into all drawers and boxes – then luck will smile at you.


Throw the largest number of toys found for your uncle. He will begin to plunge into memories and thoughts, and at this moment you will prepare a new trick for him. Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 is unique in its kind, here you need to make every attempt to get the annoying man, download via torrent and come up with your own ways. Search and find items, hide in new containers, make your foe even more furious.

Distinctive features

  • Harm. It is now possible to install explosive mechanisms on the ground, you can slip sharp buttons or something else under the mattress of a snoring fat man.
  • Aggressiveness. Compared to the previous version, here you can see the scale of your screamer’s anger using the game card. It is located at the bottom of the monitor, this will help unnoticed to get into the enemy location.
  • Puzzles. In the course of everything, you will not only catch a person, but also create them yourself – this gives the necessary points.
  • Graphic component. Cheerful characters, interesting sound moments – it all abounds.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i5
  • RAM: 6 GB RAM
  • Video card: GTX 770
  • Disk space: 2 GB


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