Hero Dice: ZeniMax takes on mobile gachas for Asians

Publisher ZeniMax is going to come to grips with mobile phones. Is this the collapse of everything?

The Asian division of ZeniMax is going to release the game Hero Dice on smartphones. Pre-registration for both platforms is now available in Japan. The game offers multiplayer for up to 4 people. Together they assemble a squad of heroes and cards with different abilities. To control the character, you need to roll the dice, and the main goal is to defeat all the enemies on the board. Of course, anime style waifu come into play.

Interestingly, a company that includes Bethesda (the developers of The Elder Scrolls) is doing this. Probably, after the purchase, Microsoft decided to take ZeniMax’s internal studios not only with large projects on PC and consoles (Where are my sixth scrolls?), but also with mobile gachas.

If you believe the description, then the heroes need to be pumped, plus they must be assembled into a squad, depending on the element and role in the team. With friends, you can go to dungeons and raids. As for the release, it is scheduled for April 1, according to the App Store.

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