Heroes Mobile features Venom, Spider-Man and other superheroes

Heroes Mobile: Idle Adventure has hit Google Play. In it you need to collect a team of superheroes and villains.

Heroes Mobile is an arcade project that features many heroes from the Marvel Universe, but not only. For example, your squad may have Optimus Prime or a hero from a popular anime. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi was added. It is interesting that the game is made in a medieval way, this applies to both the picture and the music. Battles take place in auto-mode, we do nothing in them.

In addition to the missions for the initial leveling of the squad, players will participate in PvP battles against opponents from all over the world. And if you join a guild, you can attack the legendary boss, he will drop a ton of rewards.

The main feature of Heroes Mobile is idle elements, that is, we get experience, gold and other resources even outside the game. As you level up, different buildings will open up for you, for example, a hero’s tavern, events, a training hall, and so on. By the way, the characters are divided into elements, so before starting the mission, you need to select the required squad.

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