Heroes of Twilight – card strategy for iOS and Android, what is known and when is it going to be released?

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The Heroes of Twilight game will be released on mobile phones. This is a strategy game with cartoon graphics. The developers promise interesting mechanics of changing day and night. So far, three characters are known: Veroline, Makino and Pestipew. Each of them changes when the sun sets or rises. By pumping heroes, we can achieve victory if we use their abilities correctly at different times of the day.

Veroline is kind of like a person who was cursed and turned into a doll. Now she has become a magician. Next comes the bear Makino, during the day he is a goody, and at night – Papa’s tramp. Pestipew wears an exoskeleton. At night, his helmet fills with deadly gas (no kidding), which only brings pain and suffering to his enemies. Yes, it’s a skunk. Local battles are turn-based, in general, the developers promise a mixture of genres.

Heroes of Twilight is coming to iOS and Android this summer. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. Pre-registration will start soon. More information can be found at official website

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