Hitman 3 Guide: Best Weapons and Gear

In Hitman 3, the best weapons and gear don’t just happen. You will have to earn it by repeating missions and increasing your Mastery level. The higher your level in each mission, the more bonuses you will have – you can get new starting locations, weapons, equipment, costumes and much more. But we will focus on the most important. Here are the best weapons to reveal which is simply a must.

It is possible that you will reveal most of these weapons on the first try. When completing each mission with the Silent Assassin rank, you can easily earn 5 mastery levels in one go. If you swing at Silent Assassin, Suit Only, then there will be even more skill points.

But the levels can be completed in any order, which is why we have compiled a selection of items that should be obtained first and the corresponding missions. Some of them are invaluable for reaching the rank of Silent Assassin on Master difficulty.

How to unlock the best weapons

  • Emetic Poison Vial: Dubai, skill level – 5. Poison that causes nausea. The target leaves the room after eating or drinking poisoned food/drink and tries to find a place to vomit. Usually this is a secluded toilet.
  • ICA Briefcase Mk. III: Dubai, skill level – 7. A suitcase in which you can hide one item. Allows you to carry an additional illegal item without arousing suspicion.
  • Lockpick Mk. III: Dartmoor, skill level – 2. Used to break locked doors. Does not work on doors with smart cards and electronic locks.
  • Sedative Poison Vial: Dartmoor, Mastery Level 7. Similar to Emetic Poison, Sedative Poison can be applied to food and drink to render the victim unconscious after consuming them.
  • ICA Remote Micro Taser: Berlin, Skill Level 2. A small device that, when activated remotely, will paralyze anyone in its area of ​​effect. Due to its small size, its placement is invisible to NPCs.

  • Custom 5mm DTI: Berlin, skill level – 7. A special pistol with a silencer that can be hidden during a search. Small ammo, cannot be reloaded.
  • Lethal Poison Vial: Berlin, skill level – 10. A valuable poison that instantly kills a person when it enters the body. It is possible to poison food or drink, and death from it is considered an accident.
  • Electronic Key Hacker Mk. III: Chongqing, Skill Level 2. A disposable device that allows you to pick electronic locks. The only way to get into some places without disguise.
  • ICA Pen Syringe Emetic: Chongqing, skill level – 5. A special system for delivering Emetic Poison poison in the form of a pen. Allows you to poison drinks without arousing suspicion.
  • Kalmer 2 – Tranquilizer: Mendoza, skill level – 5. A powerful silent weapon that fires tranquilizer darts that cause unconsciousness on impact. Very useful for non-lethal disabling of some guards.
  • Krugermeier 2-2 Silver: Mendoza, skill level – 10. The quietest weapon with a silencer in the game. Great for distracting enemies.
  • Sieger 300 Viper: Mendoza, skill level – 20. Silenced sniper rifle, the best in the game. It is simply necessary for passages with the rank of Sniper Assassin.

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