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hitman absolute download torrent

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Hitman Absolute torrent download one of the most popular episodes of the action shooter franchise. The game is gradually getting better and better, and moving away from the usual stealth mode. Of course, silent killings have not gone away, but the creators have added more dynamics and speed to the actions of both Hitman and his opponents. Now there are many more situations with dynamic murders and noisy special effects. However, this should please fans of classic action games.

Story line

Events unfold in our time. You again play as Agent 47, who once again follows the orders of his superiors. The protagonist still works for the Agency, which supplies him with various orders. Usually they are all designed to eliminate the company’s competitors, but Agent 47 did not like the last task. There it was necessary to kill Diana, with whom the main character once worked together. Now the protagonist has a dilemma of what to do. There are two options: to kill your soul mate, or to destroy the leader of the Agency, but then you will have to hide all your life and wander around the world so that they don’t get you. You chose the second option, no matter how difficult it may seem. Now Agent 47 is fighting against the Agency, which gives him unique tasks throughout his life. Hitman must properly arm himself, because he is now being hunted. And these are not just whipping boys, these are powerful soldiers, the best of the best. Destroy opponents, getting to the leader of the Agency, in order to eradicate the influence of this company on other agents. After all, you are not alone, you are only the 47th from the list. Fortunately, you still have allies who are ready to help eliminate the company. Agent 47 will have to travel around the United States, visit various cities, drive cars and kill various opponents with a variety of weapons. These will be both silent kills, which are familiar to Hitman fans, and classic ones, with special effects. The second, to be honest, is much more. But that’s not to say that Hitman has lost its standard pretentiousness. Download the Hitman Absolute torrent and enjoy the changes and innovations that have taken place in the gameplay.

Game process

Absolution differs in many ways from the classic parts of the series. First of all, a noticeable decrease in stealth scenes. The developers added special effects, videos, made the game a real action game. In total, the player is waiting for 20 main tasks, 19 of which are in the United States. The last level will have to be completed in England, where the head office of the Agency is located. Missions, as before, consist of several tasks, additional quests. You must not only kill enemies, but also reach a certain checkpoint. Usually there is an antagonist, or valuable documents that need to be stolen. Enemies are now even better at recognizing your disguises. You will no longer be able to sit near the enemy in the guise and equipment of his company, so that he does not spot you. He will definitely suspect something, and if you start making sudden movements, this will cause even more resonance. The cut-scenes are great, in the spirit of a real action game. The plot is quite cinematic. Agent 47 has a lot of abilities, among which the most interesting are: viewing through walls and slowing down time. But Hitman has not become any superhero, he is still very easy to kill.

Features Hitman Absolute

  • real action shooter;
  • a lot of special effects;
  • interesting tasks;
  • a total of 20 story missions;
  • additional quests;
  • sophisticated murders;
  • stealth battles;
  • Hitman’s superpowers.

Download torrent Hitman Absolute is necessary for all fans of the series.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 4400+
  • RAM: 2 GB (Vista / 7)
  • Video Card: GeForce 8600 or Radeon HD2900
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Free hard disk space: 24 GB


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