Homefront: The Revolution – Combat and Enemies

Combat in Homefront: The Revolution can be divided into two main parts. Firstly, this is a typical elimination of enemies using various weapons, explosives or even crossbows. This is the type of combat that you will use in the main part of the game, which directly affects the use of certain tactics. The head is the weak point of most enemies. This only applies to less armored enemies and vehicles that wear yellow suits. When it comes to heavily armored enemies, this tactic won’t work.

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In this case, it is worth having a shotgun (not recommended) or a sniper rifle (recommended). Keep in mind that every heavily armored enemy will attack you as soon as he sees you in his field of view. He has a machine gun that deals serious damage, so a moment of carelessness will result in a quick death. Don’t forget about stormtroopers. They are lightly armored but have a shotgun that deals heavy damage. They need to be killed from a distance. Another type of opponents are snipers. Enemy snipers use a red laser, while allied troops use a blue one. The moment you spot an enemy sniper, hide quickly because one shot can take a lot of your health.

In combat, the Koreans are supported by drones that determine your position, which automatically excludes the use of any terrain for cover. If a drone is in your position, destroy it immediately. The same applies to airships. But, you cannot destroy them, so the only tactic is to escape from their sight. The last ace of the enemy is heavy armored vehicles. Destroy such vehicles using rockets or explosives. Never enter their line of fire.

Another part of the battle is invisibility. Skillful elimination of enemies can be very useful when infiltrating outposts controlled by the KPA. Most enemies can be killed with a military knife. Silent elimination can also be performed using crossbows or special equipment – silencers. Just keep in mind that if a soldier sees the corpse of his compatriot, he will raise the alarm.


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