Homescapes ‘Match 3’ Total Revenue Exceeds $ 1.5 Billion

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We can say that 2020 has become an important year for Homescapes. The game’s total earnings amounted to $ 580 million, and there was a steady growth in users and income. By the first quarter of 2021, revenues came close to $ 1.5 billion. Now we need to analyze: how the game, which was born in September 2017, was advertised.

You can always find a graph of advertising trends in the Homescapes materials on the SocialPeta website.

Homescapes Advertising Strategy Analysis

IN SocialPeta you can view more than 100,000 Homescapes advertising materials and it becomes clear from them that the developers of the Russian mobile game are carrying out advertising media buying (advertising purchases) “regardless of cost and cost.”

Homescapes had over 15 million downloads in the first quarter of 2021. In terms of advertising, Homescapes is very successful. So how did Playrix achieve this?

Broad target audience

In 2016, Playrix released Gardenskapes, a hugely popular game. And in September 2017, the Homescapes spin-off was released. The names of the two games are pretty simple and as you can tell from the titles, in Homescapes the main goal is to fix the house; in Gardenscapes, players need to decorate the garden.

Probably copying previous experiences with the successful Gardenscapes ad strategy, or because the market for Candy Crash and other mobile games tends to saturate, Homescapes media buying aims to target a broad target group and summarize different kinds of creatives in the hopes of attracting players from a wider range of interests.

Types of Homescapes creatives

However, summarizing the different types of creatives reveals one problem – a lot of complaints. Users of Facebook, Google and other social networks notice the materials related to the game, but after downloading they find that the ads have nothing to do with the gameplay.

Playrix explains this by the fact that the puzzle levels in the game require constant improvement of playing skills. Most players stop playing early and don’t go far. Therefore, in order to attract more users, it is required to purchase promotional materials for attraction at an early stage.

The highest performing Homescapes creatives

For over three years, Homescapes has never interrupted media buying. The statistics show that 70% is occupied by advertising videos, and the Google channel is the main one for media purchases.

Share of investment channels for Homescapes creatives

Creatives showing less than 1% of real gameplay

This creative has almost nothing to do with the real Homescapes gameplay. It doesn’t even contain 1% of the gameplay of the original, but most of the promotional material has been modeled after this.

Story creatives outside of storytelling

These plot creatives have attracted a lot of attention since 2019, since they had nothing to do with the gameplay and did not even explain the identity of the characters in any way. It is believed to be an addition to the setting.

Homescapes plot creatives based on real gameplay

After the content of Homescapes began to be questioned, the creatives underwent changes and over the next several months, materials such as those presented below were used.

Homescapes’ media buying strategy has been straightforward from the very beginning until now, and the main goal was to increase the downloads of the game. In March 2021, an accreditation agreement was signed with AppGallary from Huawei, which also increased the popularity of the project and, based on statistics, such a strategy is now quite effective.

However, after analyzing the Playrix company and the number of downloads, you can see the problem of player retention. After encouraging downloads, advertising media buying has received a new challenge – how to retain users? And at the moment, the authors should think about it carefully.

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