Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find All Collectibles

After leaving the starting location of the Embrace, go to the merchant and check the Special section, where you can find maps for the location of collectibles. Now you know where each item is, but don’t jump right after them – they are almost always found side by side with other content, so you don’t have to go after them on purpose.

In the following sections, we’ll cover all of the Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles and show you how to find them. Some of them can be a little tricky to find, so we’ve listed which ones were particularly difficult for us. If you have any problems with the search, let us know in the comments and we will help you.


Vantage points are usually found on high ground or near major landmarks, and provide glimpses of the world before the disaster.

Unlike other collectibles, getting a vantage point requires you to do little more than press a button. Stand nearby and activate your Visor. While enjoying the view, press the triangle to play a short audio commentary, after which you should see a notification confirming receipt. If you close the Visor too soon, it may not register.

Once obtained, each vantage point unlocks a longer text in the Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles menu. Also, each vantage point has a container with resources – and it also remains on the map, so you can always return to it and view the scene again.

Although vantage points don’t appear when looking through the visor, most of them are pretty easy to find – just head to the marked area and look for the highest vantage point. Only a few can be difficult. We ran into problems in the following places:

  • Viewpoint next to Mother’s Crown

This vantage point is on a rocky cliff that rises from the lowlands next to the river – not on the wooded slope where we’ve been looking for a good view for ages.

  • Lookout point north of Meridian

This point can only be reached by climbing to the flat top on the rock. Find this path on the side of the road, closer to the bridge leading back to Meridian.

  • Lookout point next to Sun Rock

The path to this point begins right where the walls of the gardens of Sun Rock abut against the stones. At the very top, go down the rope.

  • Lookout point north of Motley Market

Even with the presence of Snapteeth, it’s better to jump onto this narrow plateau on the rocks from below than run from above and jump – there are a lot of enemies there and you will receive fall damage. The climbing path is not easy to spot, but it is located right next to the rope, suitable for passage.

  • Lookout point far north of Svobodnaya Gora

You will pass by this point at the end of the main quest, so don’t go there on purpose. But if you really want to, go to the fire, located strictly south of this point.

Look to the west, note the fallen tree. Follow the path nearby to a place where you can climb a rock. Then go through two small, heavily guarded valleys and find another cliff path at the waterfall. Above you will be the attachment point of the rope, which ends at the observation point.

metal flowers

Metal flowers are one of the mysteries of Horizon Zero, some ancient technology that has recently begun to show up in wild, secluded places surrounded by triangles of beautiful plants.

To find the metal flower, head to the indicated location and activate your Visor. Look for the characteristic pillars of purple light that usually mark corpses and loot containers. If you hover over these markers, your Visor will tell you what they represent, and you can easily find the metal flower.

Each metal flower in Horizon Zero Dawn comes with a poetic passage that can be read in the collectibles menu when you find them. As you progress through the main quest of Horizon Zero Dawn, you will learn more about metallic colors and understand their origin and purpose. Poetic? Not good.

  • Metal flower next to the Ruins dungeon

To get this metal flower in the Horizon Zero Dawn starting area, return to the Ruins when Aloy is old and rappel down to the entrance (if you can’t rappel, then you’re at the exit, look for another opening nearby). As you move deeper into the dungeon, stick to the left wall and you’ll notice a metal flower behind a barrier of stalactites and stalagmites. Break it with a spear to take the flower. And don’t forget the power supply.

  • Metal flower next to the ruins of the Bunker

This metal flower is located in the bunker itself. Jump down and look for it on the sandy beach on the left as you swim towards the Ancient Armory quest room.

  • Metal flower next to the Lonely Light

This metal flower is located under the bridge, on the far side of the river from the village. Due to the elevation difference, it is quite difficult to see him in your Visor.

  • Metal flower next to the Solar Staircase (unmarked location)

To get to this metal flower, you need to climb a large plateau and then walk on a tightrope. You will get to the Solar Stairs in the side quest Honor of the Fallen.

  • Metal flower south of the Manor

This metal flower is at the top of the plateau. It can be reached along the rocks on the southeast side, right by the fire.

  • Metal flower southwest of Gray Bones

The easiest way to the plateau with this metal flower is from the campfire to the west and slightly south of the Gray Bones icon. There is a road leading to the ruins. To find the flower, simply run south along the top of the plateau. On the way back you can go down the rope nearby.

ancient vessels

The “ancient vessels” in Horizon Zero Dawn are coffee mugs. Some of them will obviously be familiar to fans of Guerrilla Games, and some contain references to the lore of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Ancient Vessels are always found in loot piles called “Ancient Junk”. Like metal flowers, when using the Visor, these trash piles will be marked with purple pillars, so you just need to go to the marked place and scan the surroundings.

The merchant who trades ancient vessels for rewards is a pretty funny guy. Makes you wonder how our archaeologists can be wrong about ancient cultures, right?

  • Ancient vessel next to Imp’s Thirst

This ancient vessel can be searched for a very long time. It’s not where the icon is on the map, but on the other side of the river. A little higher than you thought.

  • Ancient vessels near Master’s Reach

The first ancient vessel in this location is inside a ruined building. Look closely and you may find an entrance to go inside and dig out the mug. There is another ancient vessel very close by, but you won’t be able to get to it until you start the story mission with the same name “Master’s Limit”. But when you start it, finding it will be elementary – it will happen even before the first battle.

Banuk artifacts

The Banuk artifacts are perhaps the most annoying collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn, because each of them can only be reached by climbing very high on the rocks. In principle, climbing is not so difficult, but finding the beginning of the path is quite.

The best way to find a Banuk artifact is to keep below. It’s completely unintuitive, but it works. Go to these difficult places, but avoid mountains and plateaus by walking around them at a medium distance and looking up. You need to find colored rock paintings – they mark the path that you can climb. By noticing, you will be able to trace it back to the beginning.

Sometimes the initial steps are really well hidden, or the path doesn’t start until you’re halfway to the top of the mountain. In such cases, take advantage of Horizon Zero Dawn’s generous movement mechanics and trick it a little – move uphill with jumps to take shortcuts.

The Banuk artifacts tell the story of a tribesman who was expelled from his homeland. This is a sad story that you can read in a notebook. Learn more about the Banuk by visiting their local camp far to the north of the Sacred Lands before heading to the Carja Territories.

Most of the Banuk artifacts are fairly easy to find, although they are difficult to get to. But one will have to try – we wrote about it below. If you have any problems with others, please contact us – we will add them here and complete our guide.

  • Banuk artifact south of Sunfall

Perhaps this is the only complex Banuk artifact in the entire game. The pattern you’ll most likely notice as you approach the spot marks the end of the path, not the beginning – look closely and you’ll see the anchor point for the rope. Turn back to Sunfall and look left until you see a totem and other paintings. Turn towards the plateau so that the totem is on your right and you will be looking straight ahead at the start of the rock path below the paintings. The first step is very small and inconspicuous.

Let us know in the comments if you’re having trouble finding any of the collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn. We will add them to this guide.

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