Hour of Ashes of Creation Gameplay & FAQs

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During the next stream, the developers of MMORPG Ashes of Creation traditionally shared various details about the game and answered users’ questions. New gameplay was also shown, recorded some time before the start of the stream.

Below you can see the translation of the main information voiced:

  • Now the studio employs 150 people, but the search for new employees continues.
  • The first alpha was postponed due to critical bugs found during the preview tests, which took a long time to fix.
  • Once, during an internal test, a developer accidentally spawned not 500, but 5000 bears at a location. The server survived it.
  • Several world bosses will become available during alpha 1.
  • The economy in alpha 1 will be presented early.
  • Work is underway on a raid for 40 people.
  • Each type of camera (target, action) has its pros and cons, so you can quickly switch between them.
  • If the mayor demolishes the building that contains your belongings, they will be mailed to you.
  • Legendary equipment will be stronger than normal equipment, but not by much so as not to upset the balance. It will give additional properties.
  • After raising the level of a civilization stronghold to the 3rd, it cannot be attacked for a while. If during this period to increase the level to the 4th, then the remaining days will not be added.
  • A separate equipment for crafting will appear, increasing the required characteristics.
  • There will be no restrictions on the amount of currency.
  • When a character dies, the body is allowed to be immediately peeled off. Only resources are dropped.
  • There are abilities in the game, the damage of which depends on which side they are applied from: from the back or in a face-to-face battle.
  • There are no restrictions on pumping characteristics – you can even achieve a 100% chance of critical damage. However, this development path will have many disadvantages.
  • The missions of the strongholds of a civilization can be influenced by many parameters, such as world bosses, weather conditions, and neighboring strongholds.
  • Auctions located in the economic strongholds of a high-level civilization will display more detailed information about the deals.
  • Low-level equipment cannot be pumped to a higher level, but can be disassembled into materials to create high-level equipment.
  • If you won the battle for the stronghold of civilization and became the mayor, you will not be able to transfer this position to another player.
  • Mayor assignments are mostly done alone, but there are some you can invite your friends to.

As a reminder, the first closed alpha testing of Ashes of Creation will take place from June 1 to June 30, 2021. Before that, from May 14 to May 21, a preview test is expected.

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