How Does the Aviator Game Work for Indian Players?

image 1 How Does the Aviator Game Work for Indian Players?

Looking for an online casino game that’s fun, engaging and easy to master? Aviator offers a multiplayer experience with the chance to win serious cash. Created by European-based online casino game development company Spribe, Aviator connects you with a huge network of players in India and around the world. 

The game launched in 2019 and became an instant hit. India is a big driver of the game’s popularity, which is no surprise given the huge number of online gamers in the country. The latest statistics reveal that India recorded more than 420 million online gamers in 2022. By the end of 2023, this number is expected to hit more than 442 million and continue to grow. 

Want to try the Aviator from Spribe gaming? Below, we take a closer look at what makes the game so popular and how to maximise your chances of success. 

How does the Aviator casino game work?

  1. Placing bets in the Aviator game

All bets must be places during the pre-flight period, which lasts five seconds. Most players place a single bet, though if you’re fast, you may be able to squeeze in two bets. Place bets in cash or use a cryptocurrency of your choice, including Bitcoin.

  1. Take off

Once bets are placed the airplane takes off and starts to gain altitude. As the plane continues its flight your bet will multiply by a height coefficient displayed on the dash. Your bet continues to multiply until the plane flies off the screen. 

  1. Collecting your winnings 

As your initial bet multiplies, you have the option to watch it grow or abandon the flight and collect your winnings. The goal is to collect your winnings before the plane flies off the screen. Withdraw your winnings in cash or opt for a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to learn. 

Some things to know about collecting your winnings in the Aviator game:

  • The plane flies away after reaching a predetermined height coefficient.
  • The coefficient is different every game and can range from between 1 and 1 million.
  • The higher the coefficient climbs, the more your bet multiplies and the bigger your potential winnings. 
  • Aviator offers a RTP of 97%, which is significantly higher than many other popular online casino games.  
  • The game is backed by Provably Fair technology. 
  1. Automated options

Prefer to fly on autopilot? Aviator offers two automated options that make it even easier to play. Choose automatic bet placement to instantly place another bet when the next round starts. It will have the same value as the previous bet placed. 

There’s also the option to automatically cash your winnings when the coefficient reaches a certain number. This automatically withdraws you from the game and takes away the pressure of deciding when to abandon the flight. 

Why take off with Aviator?

Here’s a few things we love about the Aviator game:

The social element

Aviator brings a social element to online casino games with the option for live chat with other players. It’s worth jumping into the chat room, as free bets occasionally pop up in threads. Simply claim them and place a bet for free. As well as connecting with fellow players, you can view placed bets and confirmed winnings. 

A mobile-friendly interface

Aviator is mobile-friendly which makes it ideal for on-the-go players. This is great news for Indian gamers, who love to play on smartphones. New game industry data confirms that India is a nation of mobile-savvy players. A huge 94% of players in India use mobile devices to play, while just a fraction opt for PC or console games. 

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