How to become a streamer on Twitch

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The biggest twitch streamers are current internet stars backed by legions of loyal fans who watch their idols victorious in Fortnite and PUBG or their screams of horror in horror. Many of these celebrities have sponsors and hundreds (even thousands) of social media followers. The last two points are more about professional cyberathletes than people who have made streaming their job.

And, while not everyone can get into the major leagues of big sports (football, hockey and basketball), any player with a more or less decent computer or current generation console can stream on Twitch. And in our article, you’ll find all the basic information you’ll need to become your own on the world’s largest streaming platform, from hardware to tips on how to keep the public’s attention.

What you need

Good PC

The vast majority of streaming gamers do this from their computers. And while we’re on the subject, you’ll need at least an Intel Core i5-4670 (or equivalent from AMD), 8GB of RAM, and Windows 7 or newer (you can use a Mac, too, in case that bothers you) .

If you’re streaming games, you can’t do without a graphics card that’s powerful enough to handle those very games and ideally supports at least DirectX 10. The “thicker” your Internet channel is, the better, count on speed at least returns at 3MB/s. However, today it is not at all difficult to find such a tariff. While we strongly recommend streaming from a desktop PC, you can stream from a laptop as well. Of course, if he has enough power.

It is worth noting that the Twitch application has very modest system requirements, but simultaneously playing hardware-demanding titles and streaming can seriously load your machine. Some of the popular personalities solved this problem with the help of a second PC – we play on one, stream from the second.

Twitch account

On, it’s completely free to create a new account, change your avatar, set your cover art, and add a description so your viewers can get to know you a little better. If you want your broadcasts to be saved for later viewing, enable the appropriate option: “Control Panel” -> “Channel” -> “Save Past Broadcasts”.

Streaming software

The most important part of any streamer’s toolbox is the software with which he can show his skill (style, wit, etc.) to the world. The two most popular apps today are completely free. Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or intuitive, but requires a subscription to access key features XSplit.

Regardless of the choice of software, you will have to take some general steps: select the signal source (PC screen, specific game or webcam), decide how your viewer will see it all and, finally, synchronize your Twitch account and log out ether.

Microphone and camera

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You can technically get by with a headset, but you definitely need a microphone if you want the audience to hear you clearly and clearly. For example, we like Blue Yeti, USB microphone with crystal clear recording and tons of settings. In the case when the budget allows, you can focus on Samson Go Mic. If you need something more portable, then pay attention to Razer Seiren X.

Don’t have time to get a webcam? We advise Logitech HD Pro C920, the quality of the capture of which you will be completely satisfied. More expensive Logitech C922 has the same characteristics, but at the same time, it can hide the background, which will allow you to place your persona right in front of the game being broadcast without any green screens. And in Razer Kiyo There is a built-in backlight, which is very convenient when there is insufficient lighting in the room.

If you are streaming from the console

Xbox One and PS4 owners (including their older versions, of course) can stream directly from their consoles without having to purchase any additional devices or software. Moreover, the former can also broadcast to Mixer, Microsoft’s own platform. This is done very easily, literally in two clicks.

For streaming from the Nintendo Switch or any other console other than the above, you will need a video capture card, which will actually broadcast the process on a PC.

The most popular board today can be called Elgato Game Capture HD, perfect immersive gameplay with Xbox One/360, PS4/3, Wii U and any other device with HDMI output. It even has a component adapter if you ever want to stream from one of your dusty ancient consoles. For smooth broadcasts at 60 fps, you will have to fork out for Elgato HD60.

Capturing the attention of the audience

image3 55 MOBA shooter Paladins has launched a collaboration with the animated series RWBY

Twitch is home to a huge (and still growing) number of gamer stars who deliver quality content in good faith. And the best of them do not stand out at all because they play the latest releases or outlandishly furnish their broadcasts, no. Top streamers know how to keep their audiences entertained, whether it’s a series of incredible headshots in Call of Duty or 20-minute speedruns of every game in the Zelda series. And, of course, they are extraordinary personalities.

“[Наши стримеры] the guys are modest, friendly, responsive and communicate with people in the chat as if they really those stars,” says Chase (simply Chase), Twitch PR director.

If you need a little tutorial on how to increase the number of your viewers, then a great video will come to the rescue. Streaming 101 (in English) Jeffrey “Trump” Shea, a popular Hearthstone player. Shi has identified the key features of a successful streamer in the acronym OPTICS (Opportunity, Presence, Technology, Interaction, Consistency and Skill), or, in our opinion, PISTON (Potential, Interactivity, Stability, Technological, Charm and Skill). Jeffrey believes that focusing on a few items on this list can help a newcomer make a name for himself.

After earning a reputation, you can get an offer from one of the sponsors, which will bring you additional income, and your viewers will be able to receive exclusive goodies in exchange for subscriptions or purchases with your “help”.

Newbie Tips

Find your niche

image4 51 MOBA shooter Paladins has launched a collaboration with the animated series RWBYDecide what makes you stand out among the 2 million other Twitch streamers. Burke Black, for example, did it with a pirate hat and a lot of patience. In two years of stable broadcasts, he has gone from an unknown loner to the status of a “partner” (that is, he has a sponsor) with 275,000 subscribers who are impressed by the filibuster entourage.

Turn on any Black stream and you’ll see him in full pirate parade, down to the Jolly Roger bandana and remarkable beard. At the same time, he has a lot of fun and friendly communication with the audience while playing everything from GTAV to Pirates! (by itself).

“I think it’s a show. It’s not just “pick up and stream the game,” says Black. “People watch my shows because they like the friendly atmosphere… they can jump in and have a good time enjoying all this pirate stuff.”

However, the path of a pirate is not the only one on Twitch. Maybe you’re a consummate player in the most difficult platform games, or the owner of an incredibly cute dog that you can put in front of the camera while playing CS:GO. Find your chip and develop it.

Be consistent

Constancy, stability is a vital detail. Just as people turn on their favorite TV shows at the same time every day, so should you be on the air. Whether it’s languid evenings or pale dawns, always follow a schedule and don’t forget your social media profiles.

“You can’t build loyal viewers if you change your stream every time,” says That’s Cat, a 26-year-old survival game streamer with 30,000 subscribers.

make friends

SonyaOMGitsfirefoxx» Reid is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, boasting 755,000 subscribers and his own merchandise. Yes, she owes much of her success to her unfiltered humor and constant interaction with the audience, one of the biggest breakthroughs in her career came precisely after she began working with other streamers.

“We started streaming Minecraft daily. The idea was just to play with friends for fun,” says Reid about Mianite, a series in which she and other popular Twitch personalities fooled around in a famous game every day. “But the project took off, turning into a whole series. We are now preparing for the third season.”

image5 42 MOBA shooter Paladins has launched a collaboration with the animated series RWBY

That’s Cat, for example, also became popular after collaborating with other streamers. In addition, even before she started streaming herself, she already had 500 subscribers. Just because she actively made friends. It helps, trust me.

“My first broadcast had as many as 80 viewers. It’s because I already had some kind of fame, ”says Cat, who received an offer from a sponsor just three months after the start of her broadcasts.

Be interactive

What sets Twitch apart from other forms of entertainment is the opportunity for the public to be part of the process. All broadcasts are accompanied by chatrooms, where streamers can directly communicate with people who support (or hate, which, of course, is unpleasant) them. The better you can convince people that they are sitting on the couch in front of the TV (armchair in front of the monitor) playing with you, the higher your chances of getting loyal followers.

image6 42 MOBA shooter Paladins has launched a collaboration with the animated series RWBY

Sonya Reid, for example, continues to call all her fans, despite their enormous number, the “foxx family”, which creates a certain atmosphere.

“I do a lot about them [зрителях] I know, I remember what is happening in their lives. We discuss it on the streams, ”says Sonya. “For me, the fact that I can consider all my subscribers as one big family is very important.”

Interaction with the audience is also very important for Black, who has dedicated a separate monitor for the chat. He often makes giveaways, which he believes is one of the reasons his viewers return to him every night.

That’s Cat has nurtured such devotion in its viewers that it doesn’t matter to them what the girl plays. “I can launch Barbie’s Dreamhouse and all my subscribers will be happy,” she says.

Don’t worry about equipment

Just because your favorite streamer bought himself a fancy camera, a fancy green screen, and an ultra-powerful PC doesn’t mean you have to gut your piggy bank for the same setup. In any case, the first time. Twitch’s system requirements are pretty forgiving, so before throwing out thousands of dollars to equip your room with the latest technology, start growing your audience.

“I started streaming on an old HP laptop that got hot enough to burn my hands. And then I was sitting on a simple folding chair from Walmart,” recalls Sonia Reid, who was recently able to get a new PC due to the increase in the number of viewers of her channel.

Keep patience and have fun!

As in any other industry, success on twitch can only be achieved with great patience and dedication.

“If you are doing this just for the money, you will burn out in three months,” Black is sure. “For the first six months, things were just awful for me, because I didn’t know what I was doing. Don’t despair, everyone has been through this.”

Now Black’s patience has been fully rewarded, his number of regular viewers is approaching 275,000, and his Twitter feed is full of photos of fans in T-shirts with his name.

Reid is confident that you need to be attentive to each of your viewers, no matter how many there are. “Even if you have only 3 spectators, 30 or 300, they are the people who decided to come to you, to look at you,” says Sonya.

In the end, it’s important to remember that we all play video games. Whether it’s an innocent hobby or a way to build your media career, streaming is fun. The more fun you get, the more your viewers usually get it too.

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