How to build friendship in Genshin Impact and what is it all about? We tell and show

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It’s no secret that the Source Stones are difficult to collect in the Genshin Impact. We talked about a new event that starts the other day; there you can get primohems and other awards. Now let’s talk about “friendship”, what is it and how does it affect your account? First, all characters, besides the main character, have a so-called “friendship level”. It is needed for three things: name cards of characters, phrases, stories, emotions, and, of course, prizes for achievements.

The maximum level of friendship is 10. It is worth considering that it is pumped only by those characters who are in the squad. For example, if you took one character on a task, then he will receive 40 friendship experience. If you took all four, then each of them will receive the same amount of experience. There are some nuances, but the bottom line is this: for maximum benefit, we take a squad of four heroes, each of them with a friendship level less than 10.

How to upgrade friendship in Genshin Impact?

First option – daily tasks. They are updated at 6 am Moscow time. This is if we are talking about Europe. For different quests they give a different amount of experience. There is no special logic here, so we eat a cactus and cry. Here are some good people who made a table showing the amount of friendship experience per day, depending on the rank of the adventure. Conclusion: we are urgently swinging. To do this, read our guides on patch 1.4, while it is up to date.

Second option – resin. Everything we spend it on is rocking friendship. This includes:

  • Simple bosses or weekly
  • Events
  • Dungeons
  • Arteries of the earth

The third option – random events. Here we can get not only friendship, but also other resources: pestilence, enhancement ore, and so on. You can participate in ten such events per day; at least if you are interested in the reward. Smart guys here also helped and laid out a place on the map where random events very often appear.

If a new event does not appear immediately after the end of the first, then we normally restart. Another way is to teleport far away and return to the desired location. If you do everything that we have described here every day, then you can upgrade from 1 to 10 friendship level in 47 days. This is an opportunity not only to pass the time until Patch 1.5, but also squeeze the free Source Stones out of the Genshin Impact. Material for the article was taken from here

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