How to Choose a Weapon in CSGO

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One of the joys of any first-person shooter is selecting your loadout. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you’re spoiled for choice. With dozens of weapons split across several classes, there’s no shortage of options available. What’s more, if you’re a fan of realism, you won’t be disappointed by the slick shooters up for grabs in this game. If you’ve been playing CSGO for a while, you’ve probably already settled on your preferred loadout. However, if you’re a first-time player, you’ll likely need some help selecting a winning selection.

CSGO Weapons – The Basics

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are currently 34 weapons to choose from. These are split into four different categories, including SMGs, heavy weapons, rifles, and pistols. Naturally, different weapon classes are suited to different scenarios. However, there’s plenty of variety with these categories and several factors to consider before settling on a loadout.


We’ll delve into the performance of CSGO weapons in a while. Before that, it’s worth focusing on the price of weapons in Global Offensive. Your loadout will ultimately be determined by how much currency you have available going into each round. It’s tempting to splash on a souped-up arsenal. However, unless your team has a big pile of cash to dip into, you’ll need to be more economical.

When starting out, it’s best to keep things simple with a reliable pistol, some solid sidearms, and essential protection. At a minimum, you’ll want some kevlar armor and a stock of grenades in your loadout.

A good gun doesn’t need to break the bank. A budget-friendly pistol needn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars. However, if you’re looking to upgrade to a sniper rifle, you can easily spend ten times that. Ideally, you’ll want something that falls somewhere in between. An AK-47 is perfect for close-quarters combat, although it’ll cost you just shy of $3,000.

If you later decide to splash out on skins, you’ll have to set aside a small fortune in real money. Back in 2018, a AWP Dragon Lore skin sold for $61,000.


CSGO has some of the most impressive-looking weapons of any first-person shooter. However, it’s not aesthetics you should be focusing on. Naturally, you’ll want a gun that can deal real damage. If you’re familiar with gameplay mechanics and know how to handle recoil, a semi-automatic weapon is the way to go. They’re not particularly accurate, but you can still deal a headshot if you’re within close range of the enemy.

Beginners should definitely put a premium on accuracy. Thankfully, there are several standout options in the CSGO arsenal. For a solid performer that won’t let you down, consider the MP9. This powerful SMG will cut through the enemy when fired at close range, but an AWP is the better choice if you’re looking to keep your distance.

Picking the Right Weapon for Your Role

As you climb the CSGO ranks, you’ll need to rethink your role and whether or not you’re using the right weapon. If you’re taking on a scouting role within a lineup, you’ll need something that can deliver at close range. If you’re a long-distance lurker, a sniper rifle is a safe bet. The longer you spend playing in a certain role, the more comfortable you’ll become with certain weapon classes. However, the best CSGO players need to be versatile. Don’t brick yourself into a corner by spending all your time playing with pistols or sniper rifles.

A successful CSGO player needs to expand their horizons and the finest teams will need to refine their strategies over time. For inspiration, look no further than pro-level tournaments. Watching the experts in action is a great way to get ideas for the perfect loadout, not to mention how to put the full CSGO arsenal into practice. Click here for the latest Global Offensive tournament fixtures and CSGO live scores.

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