How to create a logo online without professional designer skills?

How to create a logo online without professional designer skills Hearthstone - tips for beginners

Any successful business needs one important condition. This is creating your own logo, which is one of the key factors in a strong brand. This increases the company’s awareness and creates a detachment from competitors.

There is an opinion that the creation of a logo requires special professional skills of a designer or knowledge of the principles of operation of special programs. However, it is not. without outside help through the service and make it correct from a marketing point of view – more information about this will be given below.

In general, a logo is a design element that is used as a symbol of a company. Its function is to help the consumer to recognize the brand and in the future to associate with certain values ​​of the company.

How to create a logo online without professional designer skills Hearthstone - tips for beginners

At first glance, the logo does not seem to be the most significant element. Nevertheless, he plays an important role in the development and promotion of the business. For example, it is the logo that is responsible for establishing stronger emotional bonds between the client and the company. As a result: increased engagement, increased customer loyalty and overall brand success.

Signs of a good logo are:

  • Simplicity… A simpler logo is easier to remember and recognize among passers-by.
  • Relevance… The elements on the logo must be consistent with the industry in which the company operates.
  • Relevance… You need to constantly follow web design trends and update your logo periodically. Better yet, develop a logo that will look good even in 5, 10, 20 years.
  • Versatility… You should always remember that the logo should look good in any size and in any place. A great example of a logo is one that will fit perfectly on both a banner ad and a plain T-shirt.

So how do you create a logo online in just 10 easy steps?

To do this yourself, use the Wix Logo Maker service. It allows you to design a logo for every taste for Instagram, website and other platforms in just a few minutes. If you want to create a truly unique product, then you definitely need to choose the right color scheme, font, logo type and a number of other options. Therefore, you should start with the following steps:

  • Decide on your brand identity
  • Get inspired by good examples
  • Define your logo style
  • Choose a logo type
  • Match the colors
  • Choose a font
  • Create a logo
  • Personalize your logo
  • Collect Feedback
  • Put the logo to work

It is worth examining each point in more detail.

Decide on your brand identity

Of course, in addition to the logo, the brand consists of a website, marketing materials, various kinds of content and other equally important components. All these elements together constitute the so-called brand identity. In other words, it is what values ​​are transmitted by the company, what emotions you want to evoke in customers.

The perfect logo is one that will naturally extend your brand identity. He must maintain the established tone of communication, slogan, philosophy and more.

Get inspired by good examples

Sometimes good examples are within arm’s reach. You should always pay attention to what logos are around in everyday offline and online life, as well as what emotions and feelings they cause.

Study your competitors. This will identify web design trends in a specific niche and help create a logo that stands out from the competition.

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Create a mood board. When you have different options and ideas for a logo in front of your eyes, it will be much easier to come up with your own ideal concept.

Define your logo style

Style implies the aesthetics of the logo as a whole – colors, fonts, shapes that will be used to convey a particular mood. For example: classic style (restrained, basic colors, sophisticated fonts), modern (asymmetry of shapes, non-standard proportions, soft and rounded fonts), vintage (variety of details, muted colors, antique imitation), minimalism (simplicity in shapes and lines, play with associations, the minimum number of colors).

Choose a logo type

This item concerns a specific visual solution. The most popular types of logos are:

  • Fonts… Logo: the brand name written in a special font.
  • Monogram… Logo: brand initials.
  • Symbol… Logo: an image without text. It is very convenient to apply such a logo to different products and to embed it into the design. But there is also a minus – it is more difficult to remember and learn, since there is no company name.
  • Abstract… Logo: An abstract geometric shape that evolves over time into a unique brand symbol. It will be useful for international companies.
  • Emblem… Logo: a set of heraldic symbols with text in the middle. Nowadays it is usually used to create an old-fashioned effect.
  • Combined… Logo: a combination of different types of signs. The most suitable option for an aspiring brand.

Match the colors

There is a whole science – the psychology of color. It can be good for business. Certain colors evoke certain emotions in customers. This is why choosing the right color palette contributes to creating the right brand impression.

It is also important to maintain consistency: the color scheme of the logo must match the colors used in advertising materials and on the website. This is necessary for a cohesive brand experience.

Choose a font

Fonts can also evoke certain emotions in clients. Therefore, it is so important to choose the correct font for the text on the logo. For example:

  • Soft, rounded sans serif fonts are commonly associated with innovation and technology.
  • Classic, strict with serifs – there is an association with tradition and reliability.
  • Ornate, calligraphic – associated with elegance and luxury.
  • Lettering is commonly associated with creativity and rebelliousness.

Create a logo

When all the important elements are selected, you need to use the service Wix Logo Maker and create a logo from scratch. To do this, follow the link The service will ask several questions, the answers to which will allow you to select dozens of ready-made designs. All that remains is to choose a future logo for your business.

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Personalize your logo

Using Logo Maker retains control over the logo creation process. A convenient editor allows you to change all the details in the finished version. You can easily replace the background, symbol, size and order of elements, position of text, etc.

With Wix Logo Maker, you can test several different ideas at once before choosing the final one.

Collect Feedback

You should definitely demonstrate the final version to your friends, business partners, colleagues. Often, a fresh look at the logo allows you to find flaws that have gone unnoticed. By the way, if the company has its own community on social networks, it would be a great idea to publish the final logos and create a survey to determine the best one. Thus, there will be excitement among customers about the upcoming rebranding.

Put the logo to work

The last step remains. It’s time to put the logo to work. To do this, you just need to download the logo in high resolution and in different formats. Now you can use your creation: add a logo to the site, packaging, business cards and other places for branding.

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