How to Cure the Blood Plague and Find Samples

The Blood Plague is a very serious disease that players can encounter in State of Decay 2. Survivors affected by this dangerous virus eventually die and turn into zombies. Luckily, this disease can be cured with a cure for the Blood Plague, for which you will need samples of the virus. But getting them is very difficult. So, next we will tell you how to cure the blood plague and find the necessary samples.

How to cure the Blood Plague in State of Decay 2?

In order to cure the Blood Plague in State of Decay 2, you will need to find samples of it to create a special cure. We will return to them a little later. Just remember that they are incredibly important and should only be used when absolutely necessary. In addition, you will need to build an infirmary at your base. It is there that you can simultaneously treat infected survivors and create a cure. And you will want to cure him as soon as possible, because the presence of an infected person in the camp greatly reduces the overall morale.

To create a blood plague cure, you will need 5 plague samples and 2 medicines. So, send the infected to the infirmary. Then, after you have everything you need, go to the infirmary yourself and create a cure. You will need to interact with the patient to manually administer the vaccine.

How to get plague samples in State of Decay 2?

You’ll have to wander around a bit to get the virus samples. These specimens may be very rare. One of the reliable sources is the areas where medicines can be found. On the map, they are marked with special medical icons.

There is an alternative, but it is much more dangerous. You can get plague samples by killing plague zombies. The ones with red eyes. Another way is to search every corpse left after passing the horde. Lastly, you can obtain samples by destroying Plague Hearts and/or Bloody Monsters near them.


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