How to Handle Frustration when Gaming Online

5032 How to Handle Frustration when Gaming Online

Even the most rational thinker can get emotional when gambling. Although casino gaming is supposed to be fun, it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to. Due to the inbuilt advantage the casino has in every game, you will lose more than you win in the long run. It’s not to say you cannot win consistently in casino games, because it’s possible. However, losing streaks are fairly common. When they come up, it’s easy to get carried away. Frustration is one feeling that most players experience when they incur one loss after another. It’s fine to feel bummed, but if you are not careful, it could turn into desperation.

Failing to keep emotions in check when gaming is dangerous because it could lead to erratic behavior. It can be particularly detrimental for vulnerable players who might spiral into problem gambling. Therefore, learning how to control your frustration or anger is part of being a smart player. Given that you will encounter a losing streak at some stage in your online gambling, know what to do to prevent the situation from going out of control. The following tips should help.

Play Different Games

Sometimes the solution to a frustrating gaming session is trying something different. Playing one game or a certain genre, and losing consecutively, can drive you up the wall. Some games like blackjack and poker can be particularly exhausting because they require more than just luck. However, even skill-based games have a house edge. In some instances, you can tip the scales with basic strategy, but that doesn’t guarantee a win. Thus, it can be frustrating to lose money on a game you anticipated to win, at least a small amount. When this happens, consider something else. If you keep trying your luck on the same title, your frustration will only grow.

The best thing about internet casinos is that you can have hundreds of different games to choose from at any one time. Take advantage of this. Regardless of how appealing the game you are playing is, if it’s not going as well as you had anticipated, then leave it. Wagering on different casino games doesn’t mean your luck improves. However, it’s a chance to look forward to something else after a disappointing run. The excitement of betting on an alternative will ease your frustration and get you in the right mental state. It doesn’t matter if you switch to a completely different genre, like going from Punto Banco to Mines. You can easily find suitable sites where to play Mines Casino games and other interesting titles. The point is to avoid monotony as much as possible.

Decrease Your Bets

A common reaction amongst a majority of gamblers when losing money is to Increase the unit stake. The reasoning is that since you are losing money, you might as well bet big. In case of a win, then you get huge returns. This thinking will land you in trouble, though. For one, if a losing streak continues, it means your bankroll runs out faster. Also, you can’t be sure if, or when, you might win. Thus, if you lose too much, then even winning after a few rounds might not cover the money lost. When you feel frustration creeping in, reduce your wagers. Even if the losing pattern prolongs, you won’t be bleeding money as quickly as before. Another benefit is that lowering your stakes stretches your budget. So, you get to play for an extended period, giving you time for your luck to turn around.

Learn Coping Mechanisms

Over time, you should develop a system to deal with the negative emotions that manifest when gambling. Regardless of how much you try to look at everything logically, you will get emotional sometimes. Apart from frustration, anger, impatience, desperation, and depression are other sentiments to watch out for when gaming. If not controlled, they can sour a gambling experience. So, crafting coping methods is effective. No one formula is perfect when it comes to handling negative emotions. Therefore, find what works for you. For example, you can do breathing exercises to give yourself time for the frustration to pass. Listening to music, watching funny videos, or even taking a walk are some ideas you can try. A coping system is a good idea because it prevents you from making decisions while emotional. Even for players not at risk of problem gambling, emotional betting is a bad habit that could result in considerable losses.

Take a Break

One practice you should build into your online gaming is taking breaks between sessions. When you hit a losing streak and feel like everything is against you, stop playing for a while. If you continue wagering, your frustration will fester and affect your actions. Desperation could set in, leading to poor judgment calls like chasing losses. You might find yourself staking huge amounts because you don’t care what happens to your bankroll anymore. So, to avoid ending up in such situations, take time away from the casino.

The duration is entirely up to you. It could be a few days or weeks. Analyze the circumstances to see how bad things are. For instance, if you find yourself getting agitated at the smallest loss, then it means you have been gambling for too long. Constant gaming with no positive outcomes can disappoint even the most patient player. So, take enough time to get your emotional and mental state where it needs to be for you to make smart gambling choices.

Becoming a disciplined, logical gambler takes time and work. Frustration, disappointment, and anger are normal emotions to feel when a gambling session is not giving your way. What matters, though, is how you deal with these sentiments. If you can’t control them, then they will interfere with your decision-making. Gambling and emotion will always be linked, but with the right attitude and a few positive habits, you can stay in control. Gambling should be enjoyable, and when it isn’t, then it’s time to stop.

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