How to make a monster? Lessons from the authors of The Elder Scrolls Online

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online development team has published a video dedicated to the creation of one of the most powerful villains in the game – Mehrunes Dagon. It turns out that this is a rather difficult and painstaking job.

The people who worked directly on this boss spoke in detail about all stages of the creative process – creating sketches, turning them into a three-dimensional model, character voice acting and other nuances. It is curious to observe how comic photographs taken by one of the developers on the lawn near the house gradually turn into a hundred-meter red-skinned giant capable of destroying an entire city.

Mehrunes Dagon, also known as the Prince of Destruction, is one of the most famous Daedric princes in the Elder Scrolls universe. He is usually depicted as a four-armed giant with a double-edged ax and is associated with all kinds of natural disasters and catastrophes. One way or another, he has appeared in all the major games of The Elder Scrolls.

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