How to play World of Tanks?

The game World of Tanks is rapidly gaining momentum in its popularity. Thousands of players register every day, many of whom have no idea how to play.

jak zacząć grać w world of tanks

Some time after registration, some of the players become professionals in this area, and some remain “crayfish” – people who have not learned how to fight in the “reality of tanks”. It is in order not to fall into the second group that you must first understand how to play World of Tanks.

How to start playing World of Tanks?

First you need to download WoT. But before that, make sure your PC can handle it. On a computer with low performance, the game will constantly slow down, and each new update will make the game almost impossible to complete. In addition, you need high-quality high-speed Internet access. For this game, a minimum speed of 384 Kb / s will be enough.

If everything is in order with your computer and the Internet, then proceed to download the game client. To do this, you need to open the official website of the game (, click on the “Game” tab and “Download game”. On the same site you can find the minimum requirements for a PC put forward by the developers of the game.

After the installer has finished downloading, you will need to run the downloaded file – thus, the installation of the World of Tanks launcher will start. You will then need to launch the game by double-clicking on the desktop icon of the game and wait for the various updates and game client files to finish downloading. The download time may take up to 5-6 hours, depending on the speed of the Internet. After the download is complete, you will need to click on the “Play” function.

To enter the game, you need a password and login, which can be obtained by clicking on the “Register” button and completing all the necessary requirements.

After you complete the registration and enter the Game Client, you need to customize the game for yourself. To do this, click on the gear image (Settings). So, in the “game” tab, it will be possible to mark the “On. the effect of optics in sniper mode “, which will help to avoid blinding by the sun when shooting. If the Internet connection drops frequently, then you need to choose to use “server sight”.

In the “Graphics” tab, you need to specify the resolution of your monitor, as well as select the graphics quality that best suits the parameters of your PC. If you don’t know what quality to choose, then just click on “Recommended” and the game will choose the image quality itself.

If you are going to play on a rather weak computer, then you should uncheck the “Anti-Aliasing Mode” position.

In the “Additional” section, it is better to turn off all effects by moving the slider to the left, as they only interfere with the game, even if you have the most modern computer.

After that, you can start playing. To begin with, you have to go through “combat training”, which you can select by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper half of the screen. After completing this mode for the first time, you will be credited with 6,000 credits and 600 experience points.

Now you can participate in the battle along with other players, but you should determine your own tactics for fighting. When you get to the top of the list, know that it is exactly what is expected of you to take action – you are the leader of the team.

The goal of any battle is to destroy all enemy tanks or capture their base. The longer you stay alive, the more you benefit your team, but this does not mean that you should sit in the bushes.

If you are driving a light tank, then your goal is to highlight enemy tanks while staying alive. When playing with artillery, you need to hit heavy and slow moving vehicles, since the charge of artillery takes a long time and any miss can be a big mistake. When playing on heavy tanks, your “colleagues” – heavy vehicles – become your main target.


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