Huawei Freebuds 4i review: budget headphones with active noise canceling

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Recently, Huawei has faced many problems due to numerous sanctions, but it does not give up and strives to bring quality devices to the market. And by the way, she does it well. The company recently introduced a new generation of wireless active noise canceling headphones – Freebuds 4i… This is a great device with a lot of features and an affordable price.


The headphones are available in three colors: black, red and white. You can choose the color you need and complement your everyday look with this accessory. The package includes a case with headphones, a USB Type-C charging cable and additional earbuds, which is very pleasing, and you can easily find the size you need. You can be very calm when the headphones are in the case, because the accessory is equipped with a powerful enough magnet. Here you can definitely be sure that the headset will not “run away” from the case. The headphones are very convenient and comfortable to use.


The trendy accessory can be easily connected to any smartphone using a Bluetooth wireless connection and enjoy listening to music. To use other functions, you will have to install the proprietary Huawei AI Life application. In it, you can monitor the battery level or customize the operation of the headphones. The main control is carried out using touch sensors, which are located on the body of the device. You can bind touches to any action or leave the basic scheme of work. The big advantage is that the sensors do not respond to accidental touches.

The earbuds have three noise cancellation options: noise cancellation, off, and sound transmission. Despite the fact that the function is turned off, the device still suppresses noise passively, and the headset fits snugly to the ear. You will hear the most natural sound, while the operating time will delight you. Sound transmission will allow you to hear the sounds of the environment and is perfect for short conversations.

Headphones fit very well in the ears
The case does not play and takes up a minimum of space

Of course, the main function here is directly the main noise reduction function, thanks to which you can significantly reduce the level of external noise. In addition, when you make a phone call, you can talk without worrying about the sound quality. Built-in microphones reduce wind noise and the headphones feature precise voice detection technology.

In the application, you can also read more detailed instructions for using the accessory and change its name. Without a doubt, the functionality of the headphones is not so great and there is no “roaming around” here, but for this price segment this is quite enough.


A small 55mAh battery is built into each earbud, and the charging case is equipped with a 215mAh battery. Huawei assures that the device is capable of continuous operation for about 10 hours, but at medium volume and without active noise cancellation. The great thing is that in real tests, the headphones confirm this.

At maximum volume and noise canceling on, the accessory will last for approximately four hours. In addition, the device charges quickly enough, about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not available.


There are no complaints about the sound quality. The sound is clear enough thanks to the special polymer diaphragm construction and coil drivers. There is no sound setting in the headphone application itself, it can be “adjusted” only if your smartphone is equipped with an equalizer. In general, the high frequencies are very good and the lows are very well defined.


You can currently pre-order the headphones at Huawei official website until April 28, the start of sales is scheduled for April 29. The cost is 7.990 rubles, but with a pre-order discount, the headphones can be picked up for 6.490 rubles.

Overall, it’s a great accessory with plenty of features and excellent battery life. The company has done a really good job of creating the fourth generation headphones. This is one of the best devices in this price range and you definitely can’t go wrong with budget headphones with active noise canceling.

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