Huawei officially unveils P50 line of smartphones: Snapdragon 888 without 5G

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Yesterday at one of the events, smartphone manufacturer Huawei showed a line of smartphones Huawei P50. Nobody expected this, but there is good news: the smartphone matches the renders that have circulated around the Internet. Let’s take a closer look: the P50 will have two huge camera modules on the back. It looks unusual and the community managed to split into two camps: lovers of the similar and skeptics. One thing is not clear: what is this model? Vanilla or Pro?

The top module has three lenses, while the second has one periscope and an LED flash. Insiders say that this camera was made by the German company LEICA, with which Huawei will again cooperate. There is no date for the announcement of the series yet, said the CEO of the company.

As for the chipset, everything is not clear here either: someone is a fan of Kirin, and someone predicts Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 without 5G. The latter may turn out to be true, because Qualcomm was allowed to sell Huawei chipsets in November (if you believe Gizmochina). On the other hand, the issued license may limit the sale of 5G chips; this is hinted at by the MatePad Pro 10.8 and the MatePad 11 tablets, which also ship without 5G.

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